Nazca Mummy, DNA tests confirm that the mummy “Maria” is a hybrid between the human and alien race; Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

After testing the DNA on the mysterious “mazes of Nazca”, a British researcher says that the mysterious three-fingered “alien mummy” discovered in Peru “could actually be a new species of human being”.

New DNA and carbon dating tests on one of the mummies unearthed by the tomb finders in Nazca, Peru, revealed a possible body dating, estimated at 1,800 years. The mummy is similar to humans for 98.5% and 1.5% is unknown.

This mummified body, called by the researchers, Maria was found together with many others in Nazca: the British researcher and documentary maker Steve Mera managed to gain access to the bodies, where he took several samples and sent them to the laboratories for the test. of DNA. However, “Mary”, a female with three fingers and an elongated head, may actually be a previously unknown human species. “We can confirm that we have evidence that Mary’s body constitutes an incredible discovery. A discovery that could lead us to change our history books forever. It could be the most important discovery of the 21st century. ” Unlike the other bodies, Maria was much larger, had all the organs, fingerprints and toes. The bodies were delivered to the Inkari Institute of Cusco, Peru, in April 2017. The institute investigates the archaeological discoveries related to the Inca civilization. Thierry Jamin, president of the Inkari Institute, believes that Mary may have been a “hybrid” between a human race and an alien race – known as the Grays – but Steve rejected this claim. 

Another body, perhaps that of a four-year-old, also had three fingers and toes; while all the bodies were covered with a strange white powder. Steve believes that “Maria” is the only real body among the mysterious collection of fake bodies – but he believes it may have been altered professionally by thieves of graves, to have more value in the black market…. We set most of our inquiries into Mary because she is clearly a body, not a mother as listed many times because she has her internal organs. Our scientists and professors from the Genetic Laboratory in Sri Lanka confirm that Maria has a very unusual DNA, like non-human.

It was discovered that she is the 98.5% primate, (like humans) 1.5% unknown. It also has a huge mutation in its genes that can not be identified in any known disease. Tomb robbers have dug a body of 1400-1800 years and more likely his ancestor professionally did not know he was already special because of his DNA. This could represent a new form of human. A surprising scientific discovery that could be lost to the world because of human greed.

Steve believes that Mary’s orbits may have been altered by taxidermy, so he seems to have wider eyes and bones of his fingers. He also has an elongated skull – but Steve believes this is the consequence of the “boarding process” – where the children were tied to the axes to lengthen the skull. He believes that some remarkable features such as horizontal dermal crests, the absence of ears and the large lower canines are real: While viewing scans, photos, videos and X-rays, our scientists were unable to identify any anatomical alterations, which does not mean that they did not exist. The bodies were also covered with diatomaceous earth, which according to Steve had been specially applied to the bodies to cover any evidence of alteration. Steve states that during his trip, he discovered a thriving black market ring of “tomb-plunderers” who created unusual-looking creatures, trying to make them pass for Extraterrestrial creatures.

I wanted to talk and study this case to refute many of the unscientific claims that these mysterious bodies were actually of extraterrestrial origin, and I managed to do exactly that – except for the great body of Mary. Steve and Barry are now desperately trying to get Maria released to the Peruvian government. We are in communication with the mayor of Nazca who wants the bodies released and placed in a museum in Nazca. The authorities continue to search for bodies and even developed a task force called the Wawita Task Force. We know where these bodies are kept and the conservation of these bodies is extremely important. The bodies are degenerating fast. In addition there are a number of other parties to convince the general public that all bodies represent Reptilian aliens living and hybrid respirators. This simply is not true and must end. Laboratory reports from other stakeholders are questionable and also the credentials of the doctors involved. The extraordinary discovery in the DNA of Mary deserves the maximum academic attention and nothing less.

Nazca Mummy, DNA tests confirm that the mummy “Maria” is a hybrid between the human and alien race


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Nazca Mummy, DNA tests confirm that the mummy "Maria" is a hybrid between the human and alien race

Nazca Mummy, DNA tests confirm that the mummy “Maria” is a hybrid between the human and alien race