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Mysterious German events, why is that person there? but above all what is that sound? Friends ufologists, what’s going on in Germany? I found several videos that tell of a mysterious sound to people who are raptured to listen.

Friends, but it’s going? It seems to really experience a science fiction movie. Honestly, I have a theory, I think “they” are on the ground that moves and move their technologies, their bases. In every corner of the planet feel these strange noises, which scientists say are magnetic noises … You honestly believe that? Well, I do not do, continue to hide the truth, I want to see how far they want to go. There will come a day when all these mysteries will come out and then laugh … laugh ….. all right if I just want to know how many of you believe that these sounds, depend on the magnetic force of the Earth … 

Come on please, but who are we kidding? The sinister phenomenon occurred in Australia, Canada, Germany, Ukraine and the USA. Because that person is there? The noises, similar and reminiscent of the sound of the trumpets, occur without warning for several years. Every time the reaction is the same: anyone who has heard “the voice of heaven”, was terrified. Some of these events were captured on video and circulated on the internet. The first video posted on YouTube was in 2008 when a user has experienced strange sounds in the sky of Homel, Belarus. In the same year, another anonymous user has shared the sound heard in a quiet neighborhood in the United States. In a video shot last month in Germany, you see a immobilize child in the street frightened by the spooky sound. In Canada, Kimberly Wookey was capable of recording several clips of these mysterious sounds in 2013.

Mysterious German events, why is that person there?




To open the video, click on the picture, good view from your Alessandro Brizzi.

Mysterious German events, why is that person there