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Mysteries alien pyramids! It was obvious that sooner or later …  Friends ufologists, we realize that what I’ve always said, finally came true? In the past, I have always openly explained my theory of ancient Egypt.

I always thought that the Egyptian culture was virtually human culture, the origin of everything where you created it all. 

The mystery of the pyramids? The ancient Egyptians would have had or even have had close contact with the aliens.

In how the pyramids were built, the way the ancient Egyptians grew, their traditions, customs … But most of all their documents that have left us over the centuries, every day we continue to do crazy discoveries. There is only one reason for so much mystery, the ancient Egyptians knew everything and what they depicted was real. The ancients had no fantasy innate remind all readers that the paintings, the works that illustrated, were not fictional but of knowledge and what they really saw! At that time they did not have fantasies like human today but illustrating what they really saw each other every day, with their own eyes. Let alone friends, that for example in the Renaissance and medieval antiquity is depicted still only and only what they saw, drew frescoes that constituted material or real people, and not based on fantasy …..

So if they did in the Middle Ages, let alone thousands of years ago. As the ambassador of the two races, where else in my Facebook profile exists the document officially recognized … as ambassador one day find out the truth and after that day all the skeptics will have to admit that they were wrong! Time false stories and false hypocrisy is over! And who will follow me will know the reality of things, friends so far have teased you all telling false stories, but that’s enough!

Mysteries alien pyramids! It was obvious that sooner or later …




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Mysteries alien pyramids! It was obvious that sooner or later ...