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Mount Rainier is a dormant volcano located in Washington State, 87 km from Seattle. Like many other volcanoes in the USA, it is part of the Cascade chain and is also the highest mountain in the chain, reaching a height of 4392 meters. Because of its large size compared to the surrounding landscape and the way it dominates the landscape, the inhabitants of neighboring cities (such as Seattle and Tacoma) refer to the volcano simply using (“the Mountain”). Geologically, it is a fairly old volcano, which is part of the so-called volcanic arch of the Falls. The last activity was however recorded in 1894. For the moment there is no imminent risk of eruption, but scientists expect the Rainier will erupt again. In case of volcanic activity, the countries near the volcanic building will almost certainly be subject to dangerous lahars or pyroclastic flows. Thanks to its height, Mount Rainier is a favorite destination for more experienced mountaineers, as it is a very difficult mountain to climb, not only for its extensive glaciers, but also for its particularly cold climate. Also, it takes at least 2 or 3 days to climb the volcano.

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About 10 000 people try to reach the summit of the mountain every year. Most of the time, only half of the climbers succeed, the other half renounces for discouraging atmospheric conditions or remains a victim of the mountain itself (landslides, avalanches above all). I have come to Seattle.

Today, 13/12/2017, I will be visiting Mount Rainier National Park. The mountain, really high and imposing also because it stands out against a territory so undulating but without other large peaks, it seems to really be at hand. Instead it will take at least seventy miles to reach it. In these days of clear sky, blue and clear, without a cloud, the white of its snow (due to recent snowfall in late spring, there are still 16 meters !!) is spectacular. We hope that some flying saucer will also appear, it would be the best …

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Flying saucer

Oh well, let’s not grow big. The quote for Mount Rainier actually goes to another post on the 70th anniversary of ufology.

Simple but intriguing theme: what were the best documented cases in these seven decades? I tried to make my own classification, but I lost: I found … too many (in the face of the “unbelievers”). 

Mount Rainier, definition and study. A-Z index of Cognitio.



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Mount Rainier, definition and study. A-Z index of Cognitio.

Mount Rainier