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Missing time is a topic of debate among ufologists around the world in connection with infamous close encounters with UFOs and abductions by non-terrestrial biological entities. The term “missing time” refers to a gap in the memory of a subject, for a certain period of time, from a few minutes to a few days in length. According to the statements of some ufologists, some people would recall having experienced a strange situation (eg sighting a UFO) at a given time; Later, by checking the clock, they would not be able to remember what they did in the time elapsed. Through regressive hypnosis sessions, subjects who claimed to have gaps in time would be able to retrieve most of their memories that became inaccessible. Several ufologists, researchers, and psychologists who support alien abductions claim that the testimonies of people from all over the globe, who do not know each other and who do not have any preparation, have many similarities, which statistically confirms that the missing time Is a real phenomenon. 

An individual can describe being initially at any place or means of transport: the missing time is realized when the kidnapped hypothetical is found in the same place of origin but later in time, without recalling what has happened in that Past time. In practice, the subject remembers the beginning and end of the episode, but presents an amnesia as far as the central part of it is concerned. It may also happen that the subject sees a UFO in a place and then in a different place, without realizing not only the time spent but also how it has arrived at that place; This time-related phenomenon is called jump location. Some ufologists point out, however, that a missing time experience does not necessarily mean that a person has been abducted by an alien life form, but may be a clue to those who have reason to believe they have been kidnapped.

The theories developed by ufologists to explain the phenomenon are manifold. The simplest asserts that aliens would be able to remove the memory of kidnapping from conscious memory but not from the subconscious, so memory can emerge with hypnosis; One wonder, however, however an advanced alien species can not completely eliminate the memory. Others feel that it would be the same subject to unconsciously remove the experience because traumatic. According to other ufologists, the missing time would be the first phase that would trigger alien entities in carrying out an abduction: alien technology would be so advanced to be able to act on the continuous space-time and then deliberately block it to pick up the individual. However, the theory of time blocking is not scientifically demonstrated.

Science associates this phenomenon with psychotic mental problems or self-forced removal of a traumatic (real or imaginary) memory that the psyche can not withstand; Drugs also lead to hallucinogenic states where the subject can arbitrarily imagine anything, as in this case an alien abduction. The similarities in the tales of witnesses would depend on the common structure of the human mind. The feeling of missing time can also be related to the phenomenon of dissociation, which can also occur in everyday life when the brain is busy performing monotonous and repetitive tasks; For example, when driving on the highway you may have a drop of conscious attention, so you do not realize that you have passed a junction. According to my humble opinion, this is yet another alien technology, induced by the human race, even though science associates this psychological disorder phenomenon, I am convinced that “they” manipulate us at will and in any case have more than An interest in doing so.

Missing time, definition and study. A-Z index of Cognitio.



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Missing time, definition and study. A-Z index of Cognitio.

Missing time