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List friends increases!! We have another friend with us. Friends ufologists, as you can see from the title we have another friend who wants to join us in our quest. I brought this video shot exclusively by security cameras in the US prison, which for legal reasons I can not name. Our “friend” gave me this video that is rightly known the whole truth of the case. “They” can not hide, can not use their technology to the maximum. Their holograms lose quality and you know why? is something that I understand, it is no coincidence that with the advent of our HD (high definition) see events like this. I believe that everything coincides, definitely, we have significantly improved our visual technology and therefore we are coming close to “them.”The list of “friends” increases!! Surely sooner or later we will be able to replicate their technology, and surely we will become once again the first race! Well, what to say, now already with these new Technologies we ended up with a resolution of a few megapixels, imagine in a few 10 years …

The only drawback is that “they” will become increasingly sophisticated. Millions of years ago they landed with the saucer, we are now realizing that even using invisibility, “they” may be close to us and we do not even notice. Think friends as they become part of this world, without our will, this suggests that they are superior to the human race, and how many in the past have planets colonized. Sincerely when I think about these things, I do not think that humans may be superior to “them”, perhaps the only thing that distinguishes these two actually, it is one that in the first there is only omnipotence and glory, while in the second there is still some glimmer of love.

List friends increases!! We have another friend with us.




To open the video, click on the picture, good view from your Alessandro Brizzi.

List friends increases!! We have another friend with us.