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Light effect or reality? One day someone … Friends ufologists I tell you the exciting video ..

but not because it’s beautiful music and pictures, you know why? Because one day while I was walking in my beloved land, a person came to me and told me … I knew that you are studying the aliens and their race, and I said … Who are you? and then how do you know these things? And then he told me … you know because I have seen your articles on Facebook. Then I was stunned, but the time of making my account, he told me … Just understand one thing, and I’ll tell you this because I have experienced it, “they” are beings of light !! At that time I asked … how? and he said … “they” are beings of light that appear, but they can also disappear because they live in another frequency. Light effect or reality?Then I marveled of his certainty in affirming certain things he said … Then I say: Now that you’re here with me, you must tell me everything, you have to tell me everything you know “them.” And he said to me in a hurry … no, I’m already risking to stay here and talk to you and started to run, after a while I have not seen him. It did not seem human, it does not seem Italian seemed a South American.

I was shocked … but now after seeing this video today, maybe I can almost understand what he wanted to tell me. Every time I see this video, I shudder to me, is my torment, I wonder to myself: but how did he know certain things about me, because he told me this thing? because it escaped without a trace? After this time, I understand only one thing, that now my curiosity investigator is bringing good results, we are close friends, we are close to finding out the truth! So all for today, and I invite you to reflect on what the mystery man said.




To open the video, click on the picture, good view from your Alessandro Brizzi.

Light effect or reality? One day someone ...