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Hybrid Alien? Only the Nephilim have these powers! Friends ufologists. I do not understand! how a similar situation could happen! How is it that a child is literally crushed by a car during the accident, and gets up like nothing happened ?? Now that’s watching this video I did a lot of research. The child in question was born in Brazil, in the day of the accident, while he was with his mother, he was returning from the nearby supermarket. So what did I do? I went to Brazil and I went looking for the exact place of the incident, and I must say that with the help of several fans now also in Brazil, I found the supermarket! To my astonishment I noticed on the faces of the local people a sense of fear, a sense of fear, as if I at that moment, at that very day, I discover the truth. In fact it’s so! I interviewed the director of the supermarket and I did give the video captured by surveillance camera. Watching these videos and covering of several hours, I finally saw the moment it enters the mother in the supermarket, and friends do not believe it …….. ….. still do not believe it ……, the child was not there !! It seemed that my mother entered the supermarket holding the hand of an invisible being ….. unbelievable but this is what we have seen hundreds of people … Now I understand everything …. “their” use technology hologram and at that time was in action, I do not understand why but that’s the truth. Now I’m waiting just for the call of my “friends” and I hope that comes soon because I have exhausted my patience I want to know everything !!

Hybrid Alien? Only the Nephilim have these powers!



To open the video, click on the picture, good view from your Alessandro Brizzi.

Hybrid Alien Only the Nephilim have these powers