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Huge Martian structures. They also exist on Earth. Ufologists friends, internet friends, friends aliens, here is a topic that I always wanted to comment. In this video you can see very clearly the tunnels of Mars, gentlemen, how can we say that it is a fake?

This is Google the heart image, it seems a little unlikely that the systems of the future Google do something wrong, do not you? In another video that we will see in the near future you will see the tunnel on our planet, then as the Pyramids of Mars, there are much similar. In truth, I do not sleep at night to understand what is happening lately …

I told my theory, there are galleries on Earth, Mars, and the Moon, in fact, I think we are all the planets in the universe, as it is for the famous tunnel pyramids of Mars.

 These are created by an alien race that lives under the surface of the planet itself, gentlemen when the Apollo landed on the moon, of course, we have not looked beneath the surface because if you looked we discovered another world !!

As the planet Earth, the other planets of the solar system and not, have had a history lasting several million Earth years. So this is so, if scientists from around the world bring you to study seriously the extrasolar planets, they will find extraordinary worlds, what wonder and say; because when they landed on the moon they have also dug a few holes under the surface? but then friends there is also the story that perhaps humans have never gone to the moon !! Many photographs prove this theory, many discussions show that the man has never really been on that satellite, but it is only the result of a good scene in Hollywood.

Huge Martian structures. They also exist on Earth.




To open the video, click on the picture, good view from your Alessandro Brizzi.

Huge Martian structures. They also exist on Earth.