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Hopi legend of the flying shields living in the center of the Earth.
‘Hopituh Shi-nu-mu’ is the name by which one of the Native American tribes called herself and which means ‘peaceful people’. The history of the Hopi dates back thousands of years ago, making them one of the oldest cultures of the planet. 
Unlike other mythologies that speak of gods descended from heaven, in their ancient legends handed down the story of the Hopi deities residing at the center of the Earth.

Who were they? In a manner similar to almost all the pre-Columbian cultures, the Hopi believe strongly that one day, not too far, the gods who started the human culture will return to Earth. They have always lived according to the teachings delivered to them by Masauwu, Master of the Fourth World, whose ethical concepts are deeply rooted in their culture. However, unlike many mythologies, the Hopi believe that their gods do not inhabit the endless cosmic spaces, but they live in the heart of the Earth, passing on the idea of a Hollow Earth before its time. They speak of their deities as ‘men ant’. In fact, some petroglyphs found near Mishongnovi Arizona, representing the most ancient petroglyphs of Hopi, depicting the enigmatic beings with ‘antennae’ that give the idea of men-ant. According to the Hopi mythology, the beginning of time, Taoiwa, the Creator, created Sotuknang, his nephew, giving him the task of creating nine universes or worlds: one for Taiowa, one for himself and another seven for extra life. In a cyclical conception of time, similar to the Aztec mythology, these worlds would follow cyclically.

The first three of these worlds, Tokpela, Tokpa and Kuskurza, already have been inhabited and later destroyed because of corruption and wickedness of man. The Hopi handed down that the end of each cycle is marked by the return of the gods, and the approach of the new world and announced by the appearance of the Blue Star Kachina, the sign of the ‘Day of Purification’, in which the old world is destroyed and it begins a new one.

Hopi legend of the flying shields living in the center of the Earth.



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Hopi legend of the flying shields living in the center of the Earth.