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The Hopi are an indigenous Amerindian population living in the Southwest of the USA. Contrary to the other Pueblo peoples, all of whom reside in New Mexico, the Hopi Reserve is located in Arizona, within the great Navajo nation. According to archaeological evidence, during the Pueblo IV period from 1300 until the arrival of the Spaniards in 1598, some tribes of the ancient Anasazi people left their territory and descended from the north to the south to join the Hopi Indians and Zuni. The architecture of the Hopi villages is reminiscent of the pueblos of the ancient Anasazi culture. Their settlements were described by the friar Marcos de Niza as large cities full of gold.

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Gold Jet

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“Often, as in the case of tribal groups of American Indians, these traditions are incorporated into religions or, at least, of ancient history. Other tribes believe that their creation is linked to ancestors coming from the stars and report collaborations and regular contacts with the celestial populations.

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With the new interpretations of ancient sites in America and other places in the world, connections between the natives and the stars have emerged among different peoples. One of the most famous stories is the myth of the emergence of the Hopi, which tells the destruction of three worlds before ours, in wars fought with “flying shields” driven by mysterious forces.

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Only in 1955 among the Hopis began apocalyptic themes began to proliferate. The most important animator of these prophetic visions was a group of traditionalists whose fame managed to transcend the narrow confines of Hopi culture. In 1969, when the Eagle landed on the Moon, a Hopi told Robert Clemmer, a well-known researcher who had studied the prophecies of the tribe, that “the Hopis had already been on the moon and that there were cave paintings nearby that They testified “.

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José Lucerò, an elder Tewa from Santa Clara Pueblo, told the writer Nancy Red Star: “Some of us say they were kidnapped and still come to visit us.” Moreover, in 1970, Dan Katchongva, an old tribal leader, announced an alliance between the UFOs and the Hopis and spoke of a future in which space travelers from other planets would take the members of the tribe on the Day of Purification, and they would lead to safer worlds somewhere in the universe.

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Historical UFOs

According to Katchongva, an ancient rock engraving near Mishongnovi, Arizona, depicting a dome-shaped disk and a Hopi woman, would form the core of the religious beliefs of his tribe. Many of the ancient stories of tribal groups, which have remained unchanged through the generations, have however been ignored by scholars. Perhaps they contain the true connection between the people of the stars, the UFOs and the American Indians. Despite the lack of attention devoted to the myths and legends of tradition, stories of tribal relations with the peoples of the stars emerged in the 1980s and 1990s. These stories, though lacking the contemporary interpretation found in Hopi culture, bear witness to an ancient knowledge of the star people.


Hopi, definition and study. A-Z index of Cognitio.




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Hopi, definizione e studio. Indice A-Z di Cognitio.