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Help! It’s impossible! This is the confirmation of all?? This time we are there, we arrived at the conception of truth !! Friends ufologists, crazy …. crazy …. finally, we have a video that I have tried all my life, finally found !! Impressive, as was the helicopter to observe the Nazca lines …. it all started. Nazca
Because at that time, why? Because in the end “they” you want to show to the public. can not be a coincidence, can not be an optical illusion, “they” were there we saw them all! Because at that moment? because they want to make us understand that Nazca is the origin of their history on Earth.Earth

“They” are watching us for millions of years! Friends is an event of biblical proportions this video. I always suspected that the famous Nazca lines were correlated with “them”, but frankly not up to this point. Help! Promise and swear to myself that this video, I will turn the whole world, everyone should know !! This video is a document of their desire to be noticed, especially in these circumstances. So ufologists friends, the scientific doctors, enlightened, professors, let us join our forces and study from Nazca. Let’s start digging into those mountains so strange, so artificially leveled, begin to create a team of experts and we are going to investigate this millennial mystery, we believe! Pardon my passion, but the things I see, the incredible video that I see every day, make me believe everything, I really believe the things that I hope, and I hope you also believe, friends, Nazca is really a section of the world yet to discover, dig and find! if you follow me so that together we will discover the truth count on it! 




To open the video, click on the picture, good view from your Alessandro Brizzi.

Help! It's impossible! This is the confirmation of all