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The Grudge Project was a short project by the United States to investigate the phenomenon of unidentified flying objects.

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Flying saucer

The Grudge was the continuation of the Sign Project and took place between February and December 1949. The Grudge was in turn followed by the Blue Book Project, which at the beginning (end of 1951) published the first reports under the name of Grudge project.

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Project Blue Book

The Sign Project remained active from 1947 to January 1949.

Sign project , definition and study. A-Z index of Cognitio.

Sign project

Most Sign Project researchers, including Director Robert Sneider, considered some UFO cases to be explained with an extraterrestrial origin.

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They therefore prepared a confidential relationship, called “Estimate of the Situation”, which supported the extraterrestrial hypothesis.

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This hypothesis was rejected by the Air Force military summit for lack of concrete evidence. Following the disagreements with the military summits and a split created within the Commission among the proponents of the extraterrestrial hypotheses, the Sign project was canceled and replaced with the Grudge Project. In his book published in 1956, Captain Edward J. Ruppelt of U.S. Air Force also talked about the Grudge Project. According to Ruppelt, no standard intelligence procedures have been performed in Grudge. Everything had been evaluated with the premise, or rather with prejudice, that “so many UFOs do not exist”. In this context, it is obvious, no matter what you saw or what was being heard, simply “no one believed it”. Ruppelt noted that “some top intelligence specialists in the Air Technical Intelligence Center (ATIC) were excited to work on the Sign Project, they were not really more interested in the Grudge Project. Some of them had drastically and hastily changed their mindset where the Pentagon was no longer in favor of the cause”. On September 10, 1951, there was a radar / visual sighting at Fort Monmouth in New Jersey. Radard pilots and operators observed a number of fast moving objects, with a great maneuverability and disk shape. Colonel N.R. Rosegarten spent the entire day of September 13, 1951, together with Lieutenant Cummings, interviewing witnesses, and filling out appropriate documentation. The couple (Cummings, Rosegarten) was then ordered to report the results of their investigation directly to General Charles P. Cabell, then chief of the Pentagon’s intelligence. Cummings and Rosegarten reported their findings for the Fort Monmouth case: they agreed with the staff of the base that judged the fast movements of the sighted object as “intelligently controlled”. Cabell declined unsatisfied with the final report of the Grudge Project and stated that it was necessary to have a satisfactory answer on the question of flying disks, so he wanted the Project to be reorganized and restarted. Following the case of Forth Monmouth and Lubbock’s screening, UFO surveys were carried out with New Project Grudge or Grudge II, later becoming Project Blue Book.

Grudge project, definition and study. A-Z index of Cognitio.



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Grudge project, definition and study. A-Z index of Cognitio.

Grudge project