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The Great Serpent Mound, is a famous archaeological site of the American city of Peebles, Ohio, consisting of a snake-shaped mound made perhaps by the tribe of Native Americans of the Adena in an era between 1800 BC. and 400 d.C. It is the largest mound of its kind found in the United States. The site is located in the Ohio River Valley and overlooks the Brush Creek. The mound measures 411 m in length, 6 meters in width, 6 meters in width and 1.5 in height. The mound depicts a snake while it is unrolling. At one of the two ends is represented the mouth in the act of swallowing an egg. According to one theory, the site would have served to interpret the phases of the Moon.

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Moon eclipse

According to other scholars it would represent the snake that swallows the sun in an Indian legend. According to another theory, proposed in 1909 by the Rev. Baptist Landon West, it would instead be a representation of the snake linked to original sin.

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According to official archaeology, based on systematic investigations that have partially compromised the site, the creation of the site is attributed to the builders of the numerous adjacent funerary conical mounds, named by archaeologists as the Adena culture, a native pre-Columbian culture American existed from 1000 BC at 100 d.C. around, in a period known as the first Woodland Period. The Serpent Mound appears to have been built towards the end of the Adena period; however, from the carbon analysis, this thesis could be questioned. It could in fact be more recent and datable around 1060 AD. It would not therefore belong to the Adena culture, but to that of the Mississippi. Some sleep burials were found in the surrounding areas and were attributed to the Adena and that is why the Serpent Mound suffered the same fate. But the academic debate remains open, given that the various analyzes still remain contradictory. Although this mound appears to be unmistakably different from any other neighboring and known burial mound built by the ancestors of the Native Americans, it is considered simply as such by most of the scientific community.

Ancestors, the ancient aliens, communicated with them Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.


Although archeology has been applied to the bottom, when and by whom exactly this structure was built, it has not yet been officially ascertained. What is the true dating of the Serpent Mound? Like many other mysterious works on the planet, the beauty, complexity and morphology of Serpent Mound remain almost impossible to notice from the ground, but they seem to have been made specifically to be appreciated from above. But who, at that time, had the capabilities and the technological possibilities to plow the Earth‘s skies? The psychologist Thaddeus M. Cowan of the University of Kansas noted that the Serpent Mound is placed in a universal cultural tradition that considers the snake as the symbol of celestial events.

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Earth origins

In Asia, for example, the image of the lunar eclipse is represented by a snake that swallows an egg. It is exactly what the Ohio snake does. According to the theory, the snake represents the Little Bear, the Little Dipper, whose rudder ends with the Polar Star. And in fact the serpent’s curves correspond to the rudder stars and the tail runs counterclockwise, just like the rotation of the Little Cart around the North Star. The Serpent Mound is considered a funerary monument; most of the burial mounds are burials and there have been found many objects that usually accompany the deceased on their journey in the afterlife: jewelry, weapons, ceramics … Why then the great snake turns out to be devoid of these artifacts? Maybe it does not fall into this category. Another curiosity; the builders of Serpent Mound decided to erect this work on the edge of a meteorite crater about 8 kilometers wide. This impact has littered the area with very rare materials coming from the meteor like Iridium which, despite being a useful element almost exclusively in the technological field for electrical contacts and, in general, for parts of equipment subject to very severe operating conditions and therefore little use for the people of antiquity, was massively extracted from the area surrounding the Serpent Mound, as evidenced by the remains of excavations found on the site. Could it be that this Iridium, this precious material for the aerospace industry, could be used by someone else? On the basis of the testimonies and myths that have been transmitted to us by the descendants of the Native American populations, who see their origins deriving from deep space, so much as to be named “star people”, many scientists, and I reaffirm scientists, support for this place, as for others on Earth, the intervention of alien forces, extraterrestrial visitors who, using the particular magnetic forces of the place and mysterious technologies, have built, or have suggested to local populations how to do, the Serpent Mound as a recognizable landing point , as a “base of landing” in their space travels.

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Alien invasion

In this case, the alien interest could have been the Iridium abundance of the area which, as we have already ascertained, appears to be an indispensable element for the construction of some components of spacecraft. Obviously they are only hypotheses, but why consider them, however alternative, pure a priory fantasy, when the official science and archaeology give unsatisfactory answers, if not peasants about it ?! “

Great Serpent Mound, definition and study. A-Z index of Cognitio.



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