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Governments around the world, still tell tales? Clearly, I’m here! Friends ufologists, but I mean there’s still a part of you that believes in fairy tales that tell our governments? How can you not believe in the facts so obvious? how do you say this is not true? The satellites are clear … If you see those circles in the country of Nazca is because they are taken from satellites that combine to produce on Google Maps.Nazca

If you do not believe the images you are seeing means that you question our technologies, and as a result refers to the world that we are an inferior race. I ask only one thing and courteously, wake up, open your eyes and follow me, without criticism, in fact, you should thank for what I’m doing. What am I doing? I’m trying to let the world know that “they” are among us and they are not here now !! Thousands of sightings around the world follow each other while we’re watching this wonderful post! Millions of abductions statements are recorded all over the world, but most importantly, almost all of the world’s population, at least once in his life he looked up to heaven and did not understand what he was seeing. As I have repeatedly said in previous articles, now the time has come to know the truth! About the Nazca lines I just want to say that I think all these circles and lines, are part of old-point of the old extraterrestrial ships, now “they” have evolved and no longer need to land on the slopes. “They” now have developed technologies that humans come to have some hundreds of years. Of course, dear friends this conference is dedicated to the most skeptical. For others who follow me and believe in what I do, I want to thank you, you are exceptional.


To open the video click on the image, good view from your Alessandro Brizzi.

Governments around the world, still tell tales