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Government obscure? Or can we call it White? Now we need to know! and now, not after, the government must and I repeat must inform you of what is happening, we are now at a point where we all know everything, how can even hide these facts so obvious? Enough !! They must tell us the truth, in this video, you can see how there is always something we hide, but still did not understand that with the advent of Google, we can find out everything? with the help of all the technology that we have at this time, it is impossible to hide something. This video is intended as an appeal to all the authorities that govern us, tell us the truth !!! Friends who have seen my previous video in which I showed the famous tunnel of Mars, well in a bit ‘of time we see the famous tunnel of the Earth !! You understand very well! The tunnels are similar! The two cavities are observed using both Google Earth Google Maps at the following coordinates:

-66 ° 36 ‘12.58 “, + 99 ° 43’ 12.72”


-66 ° 33 ‘11.56 “, + 99 ° 50’ 17.46”


But then!! Both coordinates show the entry in the rocky hollow. According to the analysis of Waring, the first tunnel seems to have a diameter of 90 meters, with the high dome roughly about 30 meters. Now, the question is simple: If the tunnels are not of natural origin, those who built them? Are recent tunnel or these are artifacts of yesteryear when Antarctica was not covered by ice? 

This extraordinary Russian documentary of 2006 has revealed new information about the expedition to Antarctica by the US Navy in 1946 at the head of which was Admiral Richard Byrd. The expedition ended after 8 weeks ‘Many dead’. Rather than denying the heavy human losses, Admiral Byrd remarked at a press conference held in Chile that its Task Force, she had met a new and formidable enemy, capable of “flying from the North Pole to the South Pole at incredible speed”.

Government obscure? Or can we call it White?



To open the video, click on the picture, good view from your Alessandro Brizzi.

Government obscure Or can we call it White