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Finally, we are closer to the truth. I challenge anyone… and if so, then you must explain why you believe this. Ufologists friends, I challenge anyone to say that this video is a fake, and if so you have to prove it with facts. We are still in 2016 and again we wonder if the famous alien autopsy is a fake. So, seeing this video, we can say with all certainty that it is a fake? I personally do not but I believe … I think this video is a true documentation of “their” existence. Of course “they”, as human beings evolved in the 50 years that followed. So how can you even imagine that it’s a fake? Rightly my closest friends I’m just saying my assumption, of course, and almost certainly some of you may have conflicting ideas to mine, but by …. how can we deny the obvious? Watch the video asset in which we see before the slabs in which the extraneous handprints, then observe hands of the foreign body, are not equal ??? Awesome then all the discoveries statuettes, not to mention the last vision … unbelievable. Finally, we are closer to the Truth.

Did you know that all governments of the world, have of encrypted documents? They are kept under close surveillance, in your opinion how could humans make great strides in the field of medicine? I tell my friends, after the famous autopsy, were discovered in the body of the anatomy similar to humans, then finding out that it was essentially made up the body of the alien, have argued that medical use of very different substances of our and then examining the body they found residues of medicines aliens … Well, in fact after the 1947 humanity has evolved a lot in the medical field. However, friends enjoy this video and especially commented !! I like people who do not pose problems to make the theories and assumptions.




To open the video, click on the picture, good view from your Alessandro Brizzi.

Finally, we are closer to the truth. I challenge anyone...