Explosion at power plant over New York? Surely the work of “them”. Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

New testimonies and new videos of UFO sightings are coming on social media. It’s still scary in New York after the explosion of a Con Edison power plant in the Astoria neighborhood of Queens. The blast shook the houses of the area by throwing the inhabitants into a panic, but it also caused an unusual long, intense, blue and intermittent light in the sky visible from the whole city and even from neighboring New Jersey. Many eyewitnesses of this event, have uploaded videos and photos on Twitter and YouTube where it is reported the presence of some UFO that fly to New York.

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Many believe that it was the UFOs that caused the explosion and the consequent blackout after overloading the transformers in the streets. UFOs are known to have caused lightning, storms, tornadoes and even earthquakes seen from previous videos. In the meantime, people flocked to the street and flooded the social networks of photos and videos in an attempt to understand what was the source of the mysterious green-blue light in the sky. “I thought it was the end of the world, as if something were to happen,” said Tarek Kherifi, Astoria. “The current blew up, this was obvious. But the light in the sky was very intense. The combination made me ask what it was, “said Berklis Kanaris. Another boy stated that he thought it was a UFO. On Twitter, a user wrote: “Did something strange happen in Queens? The lights in the whole neighborhood started to shake and then the sky was deep blue and flickered like fireworks for about 5 minutes. Now I hear sirens all around “. “It was pitch dark outside and then suddenly the whole side of the eastern sky was illuminated and changed color. It lasted for a couple of minutes, “said Madeleine Frank Reeves. “Something crazy is happening in the sky above Manhattan right now,” wrote sociologist Eric Klineberg of New York University. Even a pilot near the JFK airport described the incredible scene, as revealed by the recordings. In a communication with the airport control tower, the pilot says: “Hours 23. It looks like a big fire”. “JetBlue 1186, see the light over there? Do you know what it’s about? “, A voice replies. “Yes sir, but we do not know, at all, I’m sorry. We see these colors from the clouds, “replies another voice.

Clouds cut, original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

Clouds cut

The pilot adds: “He is on the ground and illuminates the sky” and the tower asks: “Do not you know what it is?”. “Negative. Green-blue color, it does not look like a typical fire “. But while the web was flooded with proclamations about the ruin of humanity, the blue light disappeared from the sky, after about five minutes. And if in this short period of time this ruckus was unleashed, the view must have been truly exceptional. The journalist Dave Maclean told: “The current has gone away for a fraction of a second, then the sky has lit up. It seemed like it was daytime from my window. I came out and people were gathered at the corner of the street, some with their hands over their mouths. The scene was incredible “. Fortunately, despite some transport problems, mankind seems to have emerged unscathed from the situation. On the contrary, I believe that what really happened is always the typical ex-terrestrial case that many of us will never know, but some know! And how if they know! We can not always leave everything to chance, hoping and believing that we are not dealing with alien life, but we should investigate further, these so unknown and mysterious cases deserve to be investigated by a specialized body. Me and my staff, we will investigate the fact, because we never leave anything to chance …

Explosion at power plant over New York? Surely the work of “them”. Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.




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Explosion at power plant over New York Surely the work of them. Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.