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The Book of Enoch is an apocryphal text of Jewish origin whose definitive wording dates back to the 1st century BC, which has now reached its full extent in a version in the ge’ez language (ancient language of Ethiopia), hence the name Enoch Ethiopia.

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Sacred texts

To the antediluvian patriarch Enoch, according to Noah’s great-grandfather’s Genesis, the Jewish-Christian tradition has reported 3 distinct texts, none of which are accepted in the current Hebrew or Christian biblical canons.

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Describing the historical genesis of the Book of Enoch is quite complicated. Scholars are currently substantially in agreement in seeing in it the fruit of a harmonizing conclusive re-elaboration starting from 5 previous autonomous texts. The number 5 probably goes with the members of the Torah, with the purpose of the final editor of ideally recreating a new Pentateuch: for this reason we sometimes speak of the Book of Enoch as of the Pentateuch of Enoch. Although in the past there have been lively discussions among scholars, thanks to the findings of Qumran, it can currently be established with certainty that the original language of the five autonomous texts was Aramaic. Ultimately, the 5 sections of the Book of Enoch in Aramaic were present in Israel in the first half of the first century BC. At present it is not possible to establish whether they already constituted a unitary work as we received it; from this period we also received fragments of translations into Greek and Hebrew from findings of Qumran. The text consists of 150 chapters grouped into 5 sections. Broadly speaking, the content of the text revolves around the fall of the “vigilantes”, that is, some angels who generated the Nephilim or “giants”.

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The book also contains a description of the movements of celestial bodies, in typical apocalyptic style.

From its translation into English in the 1800s, from texts found in Ethiopia in 1768, the Book of Enoch has caused much sensation in academic circles. It is believed that Enoch existed before the time of the church. several copies were found in 1948, in the Dead Sea scrolls. Naturally, this has led many to wonder why it was not included in modern Bibles. Parts of Enoch’s book tell the story of evil angels who kidnapped human women to mate, resulting in the creation of a hybrid race known in the course of secular and biblical history as, Nephilim. In reality, the Bible speaks, even if vaguely, of a situation where God would be enraged by the fact that his children realized that there were beautiful women on Earth, with whom they decided to mate by creating a race of giants.

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Precisely for this reason the Bible describes that God is disappointed by this perversion and decides to punish humanity with the flood.

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Great Flood

If you do not believe it, just take any Bible and read the 10 lines of Genesis that speak of the flood, without going further, those 10 or 20 lines are enough. Even though Peter 2: 4-6 and Jude 6-7 also speak of it in reality. Enoch does nothing but elaborate on this subject, which in the Bible, for some unknown reason, has been censored. Enoch makes a list that includes 18 names of angels, the so-called “prefects”, out of a total of 200 who would have committed this sin.

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According to the text, these angels were not as the church taught us since they were little, blissful beings, sweet and full of love, but they would have taught the Terrains the art of fighting with swords, knives, shields and armor.

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Achilles, the armor ever found.

Teaching metallurgy, which is precisely the discipline that concerns the study of metals. But not only, in fact, according to the Book of Enoch, these beings defined angels, have taught man various arts, among which, magic medicine (medicines and hallucinogens), divination, astrology, the vision of the stars , the lunar phases, and in the same way, have also taught the man of those times to deceive.

In other words, the so-called “angels” taught everything to humans. Why do you think they were considered angels? maybe because they came from the sky? However there is something wrong. The Bible reports in Genesis, which at the time of Noah, “The earth was corrupt before God, and the earth was full of violence … every man had perverted his way on earth.

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” For fear of the consequences of these angels called Enoch, God punishes all mankind, excluding Noah his wife and two children with their wives, and obviously a series of animals. God says not to forgive them for having taught humanity the arts of magic and war. (the last sentence is not on Genesis, but according to what Enoch says, it had to be written) … According to the Book of Enoch, God judged the angels for having created this race of hybrids, the Nephilim. He decided that these angels had to be thrown into Tartarus, their bodies had to go in peace but their souls had to be condemned to wander forever on Earth, like wandering spirits.

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Earth origins

The growing acceptance and popularity of this important book among theologians helps to shed light on the extraterrestrial hypothesis in general.

Enoch is an ancient writing, in his book it is said that angels visited the Earth in ancient times genetically altering the DNA of the human being, who was living in those times. Enoch is another witness against the misinterpretations of the weather of the Earth’s flood, which Genesis speaks about. The fact that these angels or beings who came from afar, have given the technology to humans to allow them to advance or evolve, even if in reality it has been used to destroy one another, lends itself to a more sinister interpretation of the UFO phenomenon of today.

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Enoch book, definition and study. A-Z index of Cognitio.

Enoch book