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The Egyptian hieroglyphics are the carved signs that make up the monumental writing system used by the ancient Egyptians, which combines ideographic, syllabic and alphabetic elements. The use of this type of writing was reserved for monuments or any object, such as stele and statues, designed to be eternal; the current and everyday writing in Egypt was the hieratic one.

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A similar system was also used by the Minoan civilization, between 2000 BC. and 1650 BC about. The term hieroglyphic derives from the Latin hieroglyphicus, “[signs] sacred engraved”. The reference to the engraving lies in the fact that these symbols were usually engraved on the stone and then used as monumental writing (such as temples, thus assuming sacred value), next to the hieratic used instead for current writing on papyrus. The Egyptian term for hieroglyphics is transliterated as mdw nṯr (often transcribed, because so conventionally pronounced, medu netjer), literally “words of the god”, with reference to the god Thot which was attributed to the invention of writing. For many years, the oldest hieroglyphic inscription was the Palette Narmer, found during excavations at Hierakonpolis in the late nineteenth century, dating from 3000 BC. about. In 1998 a German archaeological team during the excavations at Abydos discovered the U-j tomb of a predynastic ruler and found three hundred clay tablets inscribed with proto-hieroglyphs.

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This sepulcher was dated to about 3200 – 3100 BC. The hieroglyphics continued to be used even after the conquest of Egypt by Alexander the Great and also throughout the period of Roman domination. It is indicative that the Rosetta Stone, a text from the Ptolemaic period, contains the same text in both hieroglyphic and demotic forms.

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Rosetta Stone

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Scientists from all over the world are looking for certain evidence that the aliens exist and that our ancestors were visited by these extraterrestrials long ago, thus testing the theory of ancient astronauts.

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Some depictions found in texts written with ancient hieroglyphs, according to some scholars, would represent aircraft and helicopters and would be proof that the ancient Egyptians were visited by a race of aliens who brought them very advanced technologies from their civilization. In fact, according to many scholars, the pharaohs would have been just alien hybrids. According to the conspirators this alien “advanced race” would bring their advanced technologies to the Earth from the future and be the architects of the pyramids of Giza, Stonehenge and other world-famous monuments that are still shrouded in mystery.

But this is not the only thing scholars have to interpret, because a scholar has launched a challenge to NASA, asking him to demolish his theories on the existence of Nibiru. I have included the helicopter hieroglyphs in my UFO lectures as part of the debate.

During one of my lectures in Warminster, Wiltshire, I explained how a helicopter was represented in the text, indicating what looked like the rotor blade and a rudder. in fact, even if there is no certainty that those represented in the hieroglyphics were an airplane or a helicopter it would be necessary to carry out an in-depth study, as it would make a change in the search for alien life on Earth and could confirm the hypothesis of travel over time.

Egyptian hieroglyphs, definition and study. A-Z index of Cognitio.



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Egyptian hieroglyphs, definition and study. A-Z index of Cognitio.

Egyptian hieroglyphs