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Under the expression of Earth hollow theory, a variety of theories formulated by thinkers in various historical epochs is collected, according to which the planet Earth would be hollow in its interior. According to some of these theories, there would be other concentric surfaces beneath the Earth’s surface, which could in turn be inhabited or habitable. Since ancient times, different theories have supported the existence of subterranean kingdoms and territories, both as hypothetical true territories and as metaphors for the conditions of the spirit. Some of these theories have long been the basis for conceptual places such as the Hades of Greek mythology, the Svartálfaheimr of Norwegian mythology, the Jewish Sheol or Christian hell.

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During the second half of the twentieth century, when the theory enjoyed discreet notoriety but had already been widely disproved, numerous texts were published that featured various versions of this theory, from time to time integrating them with new “revelations”. A being within a hollow Earth would not receive a gravitational push towards the surface: the theory of gravitation predicts that a person within the sphere would be virtually weightless. This was first demonstrated by Newton, whose spherical shell theorem provides for gravitational force to be zero everywhere within a spherically symmetrical solid shell irrespective of the thickness of the shell. According to some, there are advanced civilizations that live steadily in the depths of the planet. They assume that these people are in possession of advanced technologies, including that of flying disks, so famous for the enthusiasts of UFO phenomena.

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But is there any evidence that demonstrates the truthfulness of these fantastic theories? Has anyone ever been in the inner world of the Earth? Supporters of hollow Earth’s theory respond yes and are convinced that one of these explorers was not just a luminary, but also a famous pioneer of poles. This is Admiral Richard Byrd. In the 1920s, Byrd made a scramble over the North Pole and became the first man to fly over the South Pole. But the hollow Cursor theorists believe that the famous explorer has gone far beyond 19 February 1947, in fact, the admiral Byrd piloted a plane through a tunnel located at the North Pole entering the Earth. It is reported that aircraft similar to flying discs took control of their aircraft with a kind of beam and landed him in a city of the inner Earth.

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Admiral Byrd contacted the alien entities that he considered the “Guardians of the Planet”. Entities told the admiral not to approve the way humanity used nuclear power: a few years earlier there were cases of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. When the admiral went to Washington, he was forced to keep the secret and not to spread the news for any reason. Some claim that Admiral Byrd’s account on his flight within the Earth is described in his secret diary published in the 1990s, nearly forty years after his death.

Earth hollow theory, definition and study. A-Z index of Cognitio.



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Earth hollow theory, definition and study. A-Z index of Cognitio.

Earth hollow theory