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Dynamo uses alien technology! Ok, confirmed! My “friends” have confirmed, he uses alien technology, but we do not know if he is one of “them” … But looking better ….. Friends ufologists, yesterday called my “friends”, I have held this time five minutes on the phone. Strange very strange, because usually, no more than two minutes give me a very fast news and then disappear.

Not this time, this time they kept me on the phone until I watched the entire video. Well, they tell me that Dynamo, using alien technologies that can transform matter, as the technology used for the eyes with holograms encrypted etc … These technologies are able to lower the severity, restructure and transform matter. What do you say? after hearing this shocking truth? my “friends” told me that he is one of “them.” One thing is certain … that if it looks good, it has all the appearance of one of “them”, slender, with a large skull. Of course, one thing to say, except that would explain its outputs in an extraordinary way, it is certain that before each episode, is seen as the most recent in India, on TV you see a statement that says there are no tricks it trickery, it’s all true! Well, the question then arises spontaneously, as it is possible that TV transmits these images, these videos Dynamo, saying that it’s all true if by chance it is not? Friends, we are in 2016, according to you is this possible? Then things are 2: O all the televisions are fooling viewers, or it’s all true but obviously there is something mysterious, well, that mystery is already solved … Dynamo is one of “them”! Yeah, I know it’s hard to believe, but all theories come to that solution, I know 2-3 people who attended his magic live, and I have confirmed that held those tricks, right before their eyes. At this point, friends for my part, I will continue to investigate Dynamo, and by you, I would like some comments … what do you think?



To open the video, click on the picture, good view from your Alessandro Brizzi.

Dynamo uses alien technology! Ok, confirmed!