Divine or alien principle? Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

As a passionate researcher of the history of antediluvian civilizations, I have always asked myself innumerable questions concerning the ages furthest away from us, over time and on places on the planet where the presence of a fervent and important past is witnessed by monumental architectures that are still little or nothing explained. . As if it were an unavoidable path, dictated by a logic of basic investigation, I too focused on the secret rooms of Egypt to fill my eyes, heart and mind, for years, with more or less possible answers on the real functions of the three famous sisters of Giza and of the entire monumental outfit of the most famous and discussed plain of the planet. Attracted by the majesty of the plant, I have neglected for a long time the details, tiny clues of that inner hunt that has always responded to a single question: who are we? The maniacal perfection of the builders of the Pyramids and of the Sphinx, as well as of the other architectural complexes which are insistent on the plain and less known, cannot do without applied philosophical-mathematical concepts and must and must necessarily have a much more intelligent sense than a simple excess of megalomania of the rulers of the time! From 2009 to 2013 I conducted, together with another researcher, studies on the real function and on the original project of the Giza complex and the results were amazing.

That place was an immense energy production machine that could have been used both as wireless lighting, wireless, and as an Einstein-Rosen bridge, able to open up space-time gaps useful for shortening the distances of the universe. What we have discovered has been widely brought to the attention of the public, in recent years, through articles, publications, lectures and essays but it was also, for me, an input to continue further research, penetrating into those details resulting from the in-depth study of the monuments, from the measurements made, from the application of various scientific disciplines that became necessary as the research itself required them. Giza is the “elixir of long science”, a crucible in which architecture meets astronomy, chemistry, physics, mathematics, … and in ordering this apparently messy puzzle, I came across a number that has continued to harass me until today, because it exists, and insists, in every discipline: the 137. Before me, brilliant minds to whom I bow with deep respect, they have undergone the secret charm so that the “fine structure constant” of Feynman, or 137, took the name of “Number of God”, being the mathematical basis of balance in this Universe. The nagging led me to decide to continue the search trying to penetrate the mysteries enclosed in that number hidden in the proportions between the sides of the second pyramid of Giza and, as in a patient alchemical journey, it happened that the inner labyrinths opened up allowing me a new parallel research: Giza and the Universe.

The navel of the ancient world thus reveals itself as an onthalos of an atavistic knowledge today sealed, by the will or misunderstanding of the masses, in the secrets of hermeticism, the latter understood as closing knowledge, understandable only after having found the right key of reading. The association between numbers and archetypes concerning the 137. Transformed, in fact, resulted Aleph – Ghimel – Zain, that is, in current jargon: “The divine principle of the eternal movement” … In the previous researches in the Tau-T Project we already had Theoretically “reassembled” the whole process of energy production of the pyramidal machine and now the association of the secret number of God with the previous discoveries did nothing but reinforce what was already certainty for our minds. But why the archetypes? The word (archetype) is, today, known and used in broths and soups, very often also in a wrong way, so I think it is opportune to deepen the topic before continuing in the discovery of a new truth concerning the plain of the Three Sisters. From the etymology we have that “ archetype” derives from “Arch” which means Principle, Power and “Typos”, that is form. From this we can deduce that the archetype is the Principle of Form. “In the Beginning was the Word And the Word was with God” The first words of the most purchased and least read book in the world inform us that the principle of everything, we could dare, of any form, was in the hands of God; it was a means by which Divine Intelligence used to manifest the unmanifested, to make form for the non-visible. It was discovered that there are 22 fundamental archetypal forms that we can call basic letters, which represent as many physical functions (leverage, traction, compression …) suitable for forming matter.

An exceptionally important discovery that gave us the explanation of how the forms that our eyes can see are “born”. Each archetype is both number and letter and is represented by a Hebrew letter. Obviously this is a knowledge that is lost in the mists of time and also the Qabbalah has been structured using the 22 mother letters of the Universe. Returning to the “literal” meaning of 137, if you pronounce the three reference archetypes, you get the word Al – Ghi (or Gi) – Za (Aleph + Ghimel + Zain) therefore exactly the name of the Plain that houses the most important monuments, so far known, of the evolved civilization that preceded us! The plain of Giza or Al Ghiza in Arabic therefore contains, in its letters, the “Principle of the eternal movement”, that is 137 … Now, recalling the formula whereby for equal quantities of electromagnetism, quantum physics and Plank constant, in each point of the Universe we would always find as a result the number 137, that is the number of the universal equilibrium, it is immediate the association of such formula with the primary movement that gave the possibility to life to develop forever: the precession of the equinoxes.

A truth clearly enclosed in the name of the most famous plain in the world and never seen before! Our senses, by now so accustomed to thinking with the mass, give us a distorted image of the past, as if it were a tangle of difficult recognition and solution. In reality, the more we can clean up our mnemonic archive from superstructures imposed by the passage of time, the more we realize that simplicity is the basis of the most ancient information, which has come down to us accompanied by scenographic and too often, quite truthful frills. I do not want to say that there is a conscious will to conceal one’s origin from consciences, even if it could be really so, but simply that if we strive to use our mental and logical tool to analyze the intuitions that often they come unexpectedly, we would be able to actively participate, each of us, in the reconstruction of the historical Truth, without accepting only the impositions wanted by others before us. My intuition on Ghiza’s letters was only possible because our minds have become accustomed to thinking in a simple way, with the bare minimum of superstructures! And after all, Einstein also remembered that the greatest discoveries have always started with an intuition that was trusted. Today, from school to religion we are taught, instead, not to trust our intuitions, since they are only fantasies … we are taught to be good slaves, aware and happy to the point that we would never dream of ever asking the enfranchisement !!!

Ra, therefore, the Sun represented by our ancestors as the divinity of the beginning, had come to illuminate a fragment of truth, reminding me that I had to continue my personal work of “cleaning” to understand what I was looking for … I remembered at that moment, also of a text by Sir W.Drummond: “Oedipus Judicum” in which he rectified the biblical term El, with which he came, in the Holy Book, designated the divinity, in “Al”, associating it with the Sun as the principle of everything. The name of Ghiza – Giza – is reinforced by the initial “Al”, thus giving credit to the industriousness of ancient and unknown men who wanted, succeeding, to manifest in it the unmanifested Universe and left us the memory in the name of the plain itself. The belief that “everything starts from Egypt” is increasingly solid … and I remember, then, the old saying of the black earth that reminds us that “Time is afraid of the Pyramids” And maybe we are afraid of extraterrestrial truth …

Divine or alien principle? Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.



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Divine or alien principle? Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.