Derinkuyu, the ancient city underground built to protect humanity? Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

For centuries they tell stories of caves and tunnels deep underground, underground passages that lead to the realms of demons and monsters. It is possible that these legends conceal a surprising truth? Maybe there really are mysterious and inexplicable under our feet, places the origins of which may not be of this world. Cappadocia in eastern Turkey, is bounded to the north by the Black Sea and to the south by the Taurus Mountains. In 1963, a simple restructuring in the city of Derinkuyu leads to an extraordinary discovery. The opening of the wall of a cave, reveals a shift towards an underground city, old of thousands of years, to more than 85 meters deep. There are thirteen stories that go down under the ground, with ventilation shafts and about fifteen thousand outlets that carry air even at the deepest levels. As amazing, rooms rocky discoveries could hold about 20,000 people including men, women and children.

There are even traces of religious centers, warehouses, presses for wine and stables for livestock. In the underground levels we were found dining rooms, kitchens blackened by soot, wineries, grocery shops, a school, numerous rooms and even a bar. The city has benefited from the presence of an underground river and water wells. It was a small self-sufficient city, which still amazes scientists and engineers. The construction of a city like Derinkuyu would be undertaking for anyone, even in modern times with modern equipment. To think that such a work has been performed in so remote an age established and simply amazing, comparable only to the pyramids of Egypt. A Derinkuyu, because of the softness of the stone, it had to be very careful to provide enough support on the upper floors with the pillars, otherwise there would have been catastrophic collapses.

Instead, it is surprising the absence of any trace of a serious collapse, then we must suppose that may be particularly skilled and knew very well the rocky material. We speak of ancient people, and it is hard to imagine how they could have done to create a work like that. Maybe they were helped by some other civilization? But who built this massive underground city? And what mysterious reasons prompted them to live underground? Why would anyone want to live in the depths of these strange caverns? According to many archaeologists and scholars, Derinkuyu is likely to serve as a temporary shelter during the invasion and that it was built around 800 BC by the Phrygians, a people of the Bronze Age related to the Trojans. Others believe that it was built by the Hittites, warrior people mentioned in the Bible and he had thrived hundreds of years before. But it is possible that the underground city is even older? According to the theorists of the “Ancient Astronaut” is, and perhaps several thousand years.

Derinkuyu, the ancient city underground built to protect humanity? Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.




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