Dark light, the mystery of the cosmos and of our life; original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

Until yesterday, I always knew that only the Black Holes existed in the deep space, indeed I also maintained that scientists from all over the world were not so sure of their existence. Well yesterday, it seems trivial, but looking at a documentary I realized that not only now scientists claim that every galaxy commands a black hole, so the galaxies revolve around it, but there is the theory that there are also white holes. Reflecting on this theory, I begin to understand many things, such as the presence of a black hole in the center of our galaxy (Milky Way) exactly in the constellation of the Sagittarius, a prelude to a very clear thought: The black hole has contributed and helps to create the our galaxy, is therefore the undisputed creator. 

So by studying it we could really get closer to the truth of how the entire Universe was created. But let’s stop for a moment on this black hole and suppose we want to cross it, when we get close our time will stop, freeze, and we will be put in a sort of stasis, and it will seem impossible to cross the horizon of events. 

This is what scientists say, but I think we can cross that border, and crossing that border we would find ourselves broken down by our particles to be “spit” by the white hole that is placed in the other dimension of generation. So what I try to say is that I think all the matter we know and that we see is old, so the Black Hole slowly swallows it inside (in fact it has been shown that in a few billion year our galaxy will be sucked from the central black hole). Instead, once swallowed the “old” matter will be expelled from the white hole regenerating, it is the famous speech that regulates a bit all the world religions: the light and the darkness.

All that is old is regenerated in the new. In my opinion we should concentrate a lot on this theory and study deeper black and white holes, it could be the turning point of Knowledge that maybe some form of Extraterrestrial life already knows. 

In my opinion the Ancient Aliens were aware of this theory, but for them it was not only theory but reality, well those that we call them Ancient Aliens, today could be the grays or other extraterrestrial life forms that have evolved over the millennia.

The black hole is the most mysterious form of existence ever studied by us humans, Einstein in his time, has always talked about relativity, he claimed that it is reality to bend time, it is reality to reach interstellar spaces in a fraction of a second, well this is the theory that confirms this thesis, if we enter a black hole we go out into a white hole, regenerated and new. It can be a formula a little hazardous for science but as we have seen in the past, only the crazy, the crazy, the visionaries have changed the world!

Dark light, the mystery of the cosmos and of our life


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Dark light, the mystery of the cosmos and of our life

Dark light, the mystery of the cosmos and of our life