Crop circles, definition and study. A-Z index of Cognitio. The crop circles, or agroglifi, are areas of cereal fields, or of similar cultivations, in which the plants appear flattened uniformly, thus forming various geometric figures (sometimes referred to as “pictograms”) clearly visible from above. Following the increasing number of appearances of these figures (especially in England) since the late seventies of the twentieth century, the phenomenon of circles has become the object of investigation to determine the genesis of these figures.

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The crop circles ended up in the spotlight at the beginning of the eighties, with the first three circles in England. The initial journalistic speculations on hypothetical “alien landings” had prominence in national newspapers, and since then the crop circles began to appear more and more in the English countryside. Those who do not accept the ample evidence of the human origin of crop circles propose alternative hypotheses, which however appear to be lacking in evidence or evidence. Natural hypotheses are based on the action of improbable meteorological phenomena, from globular lightning to a hypothetical phenomenon called a plasma vortex; a non-natural hypothesis is based on hypothetical alien messages.

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Inexplicable phenomena

One of the most incredible hypotheses that has been proposed is that the circles would have been created by alleged “alien spaceships” that according to the supporters of such hypotheses would land for unspecified reasons on the fields, flattening the crops in a well-defined circle.

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But as said before, the increasing complexity of the formations detected since the 1980s, and the evidence of their human origin, now allow us to exclude all the more or less simplistic or fanciful hypotheses that had been advanced at first.

Here is now a selection of the most spectacular figures found over the years.

1 – Silbury Hill, UK

An elaborate circular figure with a decoration reminiscent of a Greek key.

2 – Crop circle ant, UK

A mysterious giant ant. Work of man or other creatures? But above all: what does the image of an ant want to tell us?

3 – Sand circle, Middle Eastern Desert

A decidedly particular circle since it was created on the sand. The mystery thickens also because according to some, this work would have no trace of human workmanship. The reason? No sign of imprints or traces that connect the circle to someone’s presence.

4 – Flower of Poirino, Italy

Near Turin was created this beautiful and complex design that resembles a flower.

5 – Windmill Hill, UK

His Majesty’s country is very popular with the crop circle creators. This beautiful work made of circles leaves really speechless.

6 – Oxfordshire, UK

A gigantic creation, twice the size of most other circles. To many remember a jellyfish, even to you?

7 – West Woodhay, UK

We are once again in England, the undisputed homeland of the crop circle. This looks like a snake. It seems that the creators of these works know well the animal kingdom … what do you think?

8 – Goes, the Netherlands

A sort of butterfly man of 30 meters by 450, for many a work that accurately recalls the Vitruvian Man by Leonardo Da Vinci. It is said to be the symbol of the blossoming of humanity. A clear message finally? Maybe … or maybe not …

9 – Windmill Hill, UK

Another wonderful creation near this hill. It seems to be just a place popular with the creators, aliens or not, of crop circle. It is undeniably a splendid work. It seems almost made of metal, but in reality its “chromatic flares” are given by the different density of the plants present in the different points. Whoever is the artist, has made a masterpiece!

10 – Chilbolton, UK

We conclude with the most emblematic crop circle of all. We are for the umpteenth time in England. Whether it is the work of a human prankster or is the true author really represented? Does this circle in the grain bear a message of peace or do you want to make us understand some disturbing truth?

Quote by Alessandro Brizzi

Who is the manager? UFO? Plasma vortices? Electrodynamics phenomena? Actually none of this.

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In theory (and also practice) to draw a circle, a rope, a rake and a stake are sufficient. In an hour of work, you’re done. You enter a field along the “canal” left by the tractor. Then it penetrates inside exploiting the furrows between the ears. The stake is planted and then tied around the rope. The pole is a pivot and the rope, turning, manages to bend the robust plants of wheat. To finish the work you have to crush the ears by tracing the circumference, adjusting with the rope. Once the circle is done, you can widen the path and trample the ears without fear of leaving traces. But is it really all so stupidly simple? Actually no. First of all: what sense would it have for the peasants to ruin entire portions of the field to create designs, sometimes not even so beautiful? According to some scholars, although 80% of the crop circle is the work of man, it is not known who or what the author of the remaining part is. One hypothesis is that the phenomenon is caused by the action of the Earth’s magnetic field. The meteorologist Terence Meaden claims that the crop circles are the result of plasma vortexes that would graze the grain crushing it according to geometric shapes.

Alien entities, command our climate Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

Alien entities

Electrically charged air reels would then cause changes at the cellular level of the plants. OK, but plasma is a gas of electrically charged particles. To generate it, it is necessary to heat a gas above 1000 ° C or apply intense electric fields such as those that produce the lightnings. Is it possible then that the crop circles are produced by plasma vortexes, which are never identified in the atmosphere? And then how would they create geometric shapes such as edges, triangles and squares? The mystery, at least for now, remains …”


Crop circles, definition and study. A-Z index of Cognitio.



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Crop circles, definition and study. A-Z index of Cognitio.

Crop circles