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Crazy UFO video ‘Officer’ released by Chilean military. An amazing video filmed by the Navy of Chile shows a mysterious object suspended in the atmosphere that makes a liquid substance into the atmosphere. After two years of investigation, experts have been unable to find an explanation. This time it is not a video posted by any user of youtube, but the official shooting issued by the military of Chile. The footage was taken in November 2014 on board a helicopter of the Chilean Navy. The extraordinary images show an unidentified flying object perform unusual maneuvers, including the release of an unknown liquid substance in the atmosphere. The military helicopter was engaged in an ordinary coastal patrol mission when one of the operators in the aircraft noticed the UFO.

The operator immediately pointed the viewfinder of his camera, switching to infrared mode, so as to have a clearer vision of the phenomenon. The military has observed the flying object about 60 km away, attempting to communicate with it, but received no response. A penalty of procedures, the pilot reported visual contact to the control tower, but the radar have not been able to detect any data, despite widely whereabouts of the object within the sensor. As reported by the Huffington Post, flight controllers have confirmed that the area was not reported air traffic, both civilian and military, and that no aircraft had been authorized to fly in the airspace in which he was the object. The video was later handed over to CEFAA, the government agency in Chile which investigates unidentified flying objects. A team of experts from different disciplines studied film for two years. Despite the skills and various analyzes, the experts were unable to identify the object seen in the airspace of Chile. What seems certain is that the object was about the size as a helicopter and that at some point has released a mysterious liquid or gas into the atmosphere before disappearing into the clouds. We do not know what it is. I was very impressed by these witnesses. They are highly trained professionals with many years of experience and can not possibly explain what they saw.

Crazy UFO video ‘Officer’ released by Chilean military.




To open the video click on the image, good view from your Alessandro Brizzi.

Crazy UFO video 'Officer' released by Chilean military.