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Cosmic acceleration! When did he begin? An astronomer calculated the exact moment when the dark energy took over the force of gravity. An astronomer who works at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, in the United States, claims to have calculated the exact moment when the repulsive force of dark energy overrunning the force of gravity, initiating accelerated expansion of the universe that continues today. “It happened five billion years fa.- says the researcher – then the universe stopped slowing and experienced what could be called a cosmic push.”cosmic push

In 1998, studying the supernova explosions of type 1a, astronomers discovered that the universe’s expansion is accelerating. These stars always emit the same amount of energy, and thus their brightness indicates how far from Earth. The measurement of the displacement of the light toward the red end of the spectrum, however, indicates their speed. Because light of these supernovae was dimmer than expected, it was concluded that the universe’s expansion was accelerating.supernova explosions of type 1a

But there was still the possibility that other factors, such as intergalactic dust, could make less brilliant objects. Now the astronomer discoveries put aside these doubts. With the Hubble Space Telescope scientist with two colleagues analyzed six more distant supernovae.

After two years of studies on the emitted light between 9 and 11 billion years ago, it found that at that time the expansion was decelerating. The deceleration, among other things, it was essential to allow the formation of galaxies. After the Big Bang, therefore, the matter was still relatively dense and the force of gravity restrained expansion. When galaxies are separated, however, dark energy began to exert more influence. For a short time the two forces are balanced, but five billion years ago dark energy, which is still unknown origin, has prevailed.

Cosmic acceleration! When did he begin?



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When he began the cosmic acceleration