Conspiracy theory, definition and study. A-Z index of Cognitio.

A conspiracy theory is a theory that attributes the cause to an event or a chain of events (usually political, social or sometimes even natural) to a conspiracy. Already in the early twentieth century, the conspiracy of globalism was taken into account in esoteric environments, especially by Rudolf Steiner who openly denounced the work of occult confraternities, an Anglo-American matrix, tending to impose a sort of planetary economic imperialism but the whose true purpose was the cultural and spiritual dominance of humanity.  The term “conspiracy theory” was used for the first time in the United States in 1964, in connection with the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Structural or institutional analyzes show that the use of the locus would be abused when applied to institutions acting in the achievement of their recognized goals, for example when a multinational corporations group subscribes to pricing to increase profits. Further complications arise for terms such as UFOs, a technical term whose literal meaning is “unidentified steering wheel” but which, in common language, has come to mean alien spaceships, a concept also associated with some conspiracy theories, and hence which has a certain stigma.

Michael Parenti gives an example of using the term that highlights the conflict in its use. He states:

“In most of its operations, the CIA is by definition a conspiracy, using undercover operations and secret projects, many of which are the most rugged. What are clandestine operations, if not conspiracies? At the same time, the CIA is an institution, a structural part of the state of national security. By pulling the sums, the agency is an institutionalized conspiracy”. Immediate perceptibility of the phenomenon would be attributed by the plotters to observations made at the time or in the wrong place, or to cover the conspiracy itself. From a conspiracy point of view, to prove that conspiracy does not exist (or to falsify theory) would become impossible and this would make such non-scientific theories. For example, consider how the real consistency of one of the major variants of the conspiracy theories on UFOs (a widespread theory that the coming of the alien on the Earth actually happened would have been concealed) is usually demonstrated, of official denials.

 Since the theory does not specify when or where the visitor plot has occurred, it is not possible to prove its falsehood. In a hypothetical way, it would be worth nothing to even look at the archives of the Pentagon, or any other governmental body, since it could always be argued that the official documents on the event are stored in some other archive that you do not has access. One of the founding members of SETI, Carl Sagan emphasizes in his Cosmos series that “extraordinary statements require extraordinary evidence”. However, many people claim that there would be a general overturned by some US government subjects.

Former US Senator Mike Gravel said the White House has repeatedly suppressed, ignored and/or minimized the evidence. Some generals, pilots and government officials said the same thing in the report. Some of these theories argue that governments would explicitly allow alleged alien abductions in exchange for better-specified superior technology. Other theories suspect that some states, particularly the United States of America, are in communication and/or cooperating with extraterrestrials. Despite public allegations contrary. According to others, extraterrestrials would even influence government policies (exopolitic). Since its inception, the concept of the plot has become part of mass culture and has become a topos of fictional works, the most famous of which is probably the X-Files television series. British research would have found evidence of UFO fake suppression by authorities during the Cold War. The reason is related to the desire of governments to avoid having to admit the existence of the UFO phenomenon without being able to explain and to contain the hysteria caused by this news in the particular historical period.

The typical elements of this kind of conspiracy theories are:

The existence of a supposed shadow government or of a New World Order, which would secretly control the fate of the world;

A hypothetical conspiracy of silence aimed at concealing the existence of UFOs and aliens in public opinion;

A kind of agreement or alliance of some sort between the government and the extraterrestrials (face, for example, to conceal the alleged cases of alien abduction);

The use of special government agents (so-called black men) to hide evidence of the existence of UFOs;

Objects from the owl, such as the Roswell incident and Area 51.

Conspiracy theory, definition and study. A-Z index of Cognitio.



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Conspiracy theory, definition and study. A-Z index of Cognitio.

Conspiracy theory