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The Coanda effect is the tendency of a fluid jet to follow the contour of a nearby surface. The phenomenon owes its name to the Romanian aerodynamics pioneer Henri Coanda, which he patented in 1936, first in France and then in the United States some tools that exploited the properties to deflect a jet. The fluid, moving along the surface causes friction, which tends to slow it down. The resistance to fluid movement, however, is only applied to the fluid particles immediately on contact with the surface. The external fluid particles, because of the molecular interactions that tend to keep them together in the internal ones, will change direction than towards them due to the speed difference, making the fluid then adhere to the surface itself. Airplanes flying in high incidence in part thanks to this effect conditions, which tends to keep the airflow attached to the back of the wing, delaying the stalemate.

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Flying saucer

The same considerations can be traced in the case of rotating wings such as propellers of airplanes and helicopters. However, it is incorrect to say that the flight of an aircraft happen thanks to the existence of the Coanda effect. In fact, it remembers that in normal flight conditions of the Coanda effect in a rather negative effect on the aerodynamics of the aircraft generally being the cause of almost all the entire friction resistance generated in the subsonic regime. Some studies aim to use the Coanda effect to develop aircraft with particular profiles, some models look a bit like flying saucers of science fiction films. The advantage of these aircraft would have their maneuverability and their ability to twirl in the air. A practical example of this application is in the Antonov An-72, in which the particular positioning of the motors has been specially designed to take advantage of the Coanda effect. In my point of view, so too human science it is a normal thing to have a Coanda effect, so in humans aircraft, we can see this effect, then the question arises; Because in U.F.O. or in U.S.O.

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This effect is not visible? Give an answer please, you scientists from around the world thanks.

Coanda Effect, definition and study. A-Z index of Cognitio.



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