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Chinese extraterrestrial traces, aliens in ancient China. Nine university scientists were amazed when they discovered a gigantic prehistoric pyramid that has no right to exist.

This bold Chinese research team, digging in the ancient mysteries of the origins of their country, have come to the conclusion that, 12,000 years ago, a supreme alien race interstellar has had bases in northern and central regions of China.

Chinese extraterrestrial traces, aliens in ancient China.

Hundreds of pyramids cover part of China.

One of these bases can be the pyramidal structure which is close to the peak of Mount Baigong, in the western province of Qinghai, which is the Xianyang pyramid.

Chinese extraterrestrial traces, aliens in ancient China.

China is a land of myths, legends and stories of alien visits, many of which focused precisely on the Xianyang pyramid.

The local villagers claim that their forefathers were talking about big ships plying the heavens and used the pyramid as a basis for landing and refueling site.

A researcher at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences told reporters that extraterrestrial track is understandable and worth looking into, but scientific means must be used to demonstrate whether it is true or not.

The scientific exploration team agrees, however, that all the tracks seem to suggest that the aliens were using the pyramid as the primary basis of the planet.

The upper part of the pyramid is flattened: to accommodate the landing of the vessels? The anomalous pyramid rises 200 meters above the landscape and the surrounding area is full of tunnels, objects and ancient artifacts, bizarre and unexplainable. The Chinese news agency Xinhua has sent a team of nine men to investigate the pyramid.

Chinese extraterrestrial traces, aliens in ancient China.

The team found that the tunnel depart from the caves and go deep into the ground sloped down into the earth … to what? The scientific team has discovered many strange artifacts.

Xinhua said laconically that the pyramid has three caves with shaped openings of triangles on the red facade leading into a mountain and a nearby salt water lake. Above the caves there are dozens of tunnels, all of various diameters, which mysteriously through the mountain under the towering pyramid.

All the tunnels are the color of the surrounding rocks, a dark reddish-brown. Although the purpose of the tunnel is officially classified as “unknown”, some of the Chinese scientists are inclined towards the idea that the structure is actually what remains of an advanced outpost or starbase.

The site has been dated to 10,000 years old, but could also have twice as old. The head of the department of advertising of Delinghua government, said that the fragments of the material of the tunnel were taken to perform the analysis. The pieces are composed for the most part of silicon dioxide and calcium oxide, but most eight percent of the metal has not been possible to identify it. The large content of silicon dioxide and calcium oxide is the result of long interaction between iron and sandstone, and which means that the tubes must be very old. How old is the whole? Some say 12,000 years … but maybe it’s much, much older. The existence of such structures unexplained fits in the unofficial history of China, a story that most students ignore. Some historians have called the ancient Chinese culture, “a riddle wrapped in a mystery.

Stories of ancient temples in China are full of stories about the “people of heaven” and “god-man” came from the stars, who have used the land as a base for exploration.

Along the way these beings have given lessons to some of the primitive people who have met: the basics of the technology, engineering, agriculture, and the complex structure of the universe.

Other younger pyramids were found in the realms of the Chinese emperors. They often talked about extraterrestrial civilizations on other planets similar to Earth. Some of the emperors also wrote that they were the descendants of “the sons of the sky, landed on Earth on the iron dragons.”

Chinese extraterrestrial traces, aliens in ancient China.

The astonishing stones Dropa provide clues about ancient Chinese alien bases. Here is the translation of an ancient stone Dropa 12,000 years: “I Dropas came down from the clouds in their flying chariots.

Men, women and children of the neighboring peoples (Ham) hid in the caves ten hours before dawn. When at last they understood the sign language of Dropas, they realized that the newcomers had peaceful intentions … The famous stones Dropa provide strong evidence of the visits of ancient astronauts to Earth.

Chinese extraterrestrial traces, aliens in ancient China.

The stones were found by Chi Pu Tei who led an archaeological expedition in the wild mountains of Baian-Kara-Ula in 1938.

The resort sits on the Chinese-Tibetan border and is home to many ancient stories of extraterrestrials who mingled with the people of Earth. As you explore a series of caves in the mountains almost inaccessible scientific team made an exciting discovery: some of the cave walls were covered with scenes depicting the Solar System pictograms.

It would mean that these ancient people had created a sky map showing the Earth, Sun and Moon and the various stars linked together with intersecting lines and points.

Curiously the pictogram-map almost wants to represent ancient trade routes or guide for explorers. But the excitement of the team was just beginning. In one of the caves with murals of the sky they have found a stone disc half buried in the mud. The disc had a spiral groove thin expertly cut that goes from the center to the edge. The disk measures about nine inches in diameter and about three-quarters of an inch thick. At the center was a perfect hole of three-quarters of an inch in diameter. Once you find the disc, Chi Pu Tei wanted to pursue the matter with his team of researchers. They finally found a real treasure. a total of 716 discs, some in very good condition, the other cracked or broken into a thousand pieces have been found. The scriptures were so tiny that they could only be read with the aid of a powerful magnifying glass. An expert in deciphering ancient languages, Nui, has worked diligently for many months. Finally, he succeeded.

What he discovered would change the history of the known world, if someone had listened. But few have done so. The stones have registered an incredible story written at least 12,000 years ago by a great people that the world has forgotten. The Dropa disks tell the journey of the Earth, how their spaceship crashed during their exploration of the planet, thus finding himself on Earth, a strange world unknown to them. Their spacecraft was in what later became known as the mountain Baian-Kara-Ula, which is part of the Himalayas.

Chinese extraterrestrial traces, aliens in ancient China.

Travelers of the stars have sought refuge in the caves of Chi Pu Tei, and its scientific exploration team had discovered the disks. Yet another disc about aliens who have protruding heads and slender bodies. At first the tribe of hunters sent to kill the invaders, but then had to change his mind, seeing that they were not bad. Villagers in the area still today handed down the legends of visitors “came from the stars, long, long time ago.” After decrypting multiple disks that could, Nui wrote an article on the direct historical discovery at the Chinese Academy of Prehistory. They refused to publish it, although well documented, and it is not a question of being fraudulent, the publisher said in Nui that the world was not ready to know such information. The Chinese authorities under Mao forbade the doctor to try to publish his article outside of China and also to talk about the Dropa stones. Despite the order, however Nui has shared information with some close associates, thus becoming known story in the rest of the world. The Lolladoff disk plate was found in Nepal and dated to around 10,000 BC. Note what appears to be an object in the disc-shaped center, and a creature similar to an alien, in the bottom right. This ancient Japanese parchment is a Japanese merchant beside a small disc-shaped object that landed near a rice field.

Chinese extraterrestrial traces, aliens in ancient China.

Look at the writing on the subject carefully. The right column is not Japanese, but it is the representation of the symbols that the trader has seen the ship, and he suggested to the artist the scroll them.



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