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The conspiracy theory on chemtrails claims that the contrails of condensation visible in the Earth’s atmosphere created by airplanes are not formed by water vapor but composed of chemical or biological agents, sprayed in flight by hypothetical equipment mounted on airplanes, for various purposes.

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Conspiracy theory

The alleged phenomenon of release of “chemtrails” should not be confused with the technique called cloud seeding, which consists in spreading condensation nuclei in the clouds to stimulate rainfall, a technique that has however always given little effect and that today in the world it is therefore rarely used.

Clouds cut, original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

Clouds cut

The conspiracy theory of chemtrails began to spread in 1996, when the US Air Force was accused of “spraying” the population with hypothetical mysterious substances by means of aircraft that issued unusual trails. The Air Force replied that this accusation was a blatant nonsense. Other sources confirm the beginning of the spread of the theory from the second half of the nineties. In this period, the chemtrail conspiracy theory found media coverage on some television and radio programs and on conspiracy publications, even coming to be mentioned in parliamentary questions in several countries. The proponents of these theories, in general, claimed that the hypothetical chemtrails would appear different from the normal contrails of condensation, of which they would not have the consistency and the known properties. In particular, according to the conspiracies, they would tend to persist longer, gradually widening instead of disappearing. 

Chemtrails remember that initially they look like normal trails, but they are thicker and extend to the sky in the form of X, grid or parallel lines. Instead of dissipating quickly, they expand and branch off. In less than 30 minutes they open in formations that join together forming a thin veil of fake clouds like cirrus clouds that remain for hours.

According to the theory, the operation would be part of a global conspiracy carried out by unknown authors and for unknown reasons; in this regard, different hypotheses have been proposed, the most common of which is that according to which it is one of the techniques used for the alteration and control of the earth’s climate. Generally, conspiracy theorists believe that the “chemtrails” are made up of chemical substances (including biological ones), released on populated areas for some reason invariably conspiracy, not better demonstrated. The most frequently hypothesized motivation is the attempt to make climate changes.

Alien entities, command our climate Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

Alien entities

Other motivations hypothesized by conspiracy theorists variously and disorderly call into question a plethora of other heterogeneous and unspecified hypotheses, such as presumed governmental or military experiments, terrorist attacks, private company operations, attempts at psychological conditioning through psychoactive agents, or even attempts to curb the global population explosion, eliminating four billion people. According to the conspiracy theorists, contrails would only form at temperatures below -40 ° C to 8 000 m and with relative humidity of 70%. This statement is based on the theoretical model elaborated in 1953 by H. Appleman. Again according to the conspiracy theories, the Space Preservation Act would be an implicit admission of the existence of the phenomenon; HAARP would be a tool for implementing the plan; to be “sprayed” would be an alleged mixture of barium, aluminum, silicon and other substances, whose purpose would be to create a sort of electroconductive sandwich not better specified, even with alleged purposes of “mental control” of which however do not clarify the presumed aims, objectives and methods or scientific basis. According to supporters of the theory of chemtrails, the secret services would be trying to discredit the work of self-proclaimed “independent researchers”, with alleged threats and sabotage actions. At the head of the alleged organization responsible for chemtrails, according to some conspiracy theorists, there would be the SMOM and the Vatican, in collaboration with a hypothetical and heterogeneous set of entities that would range from CIA, NASA, Google, airlines and more.

In the skies of Paris, France, a UFO has been resumed that seems to be able to destroy the chemtrails left by aircraft.

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It is still not clear if the video is a fake or not, but the images are very clear and have been disseminated online. It is mandatory to underline that this time the aliens may not be involved and as always everyone is free to believe in what he wants.

Ancestors, the ancient aliens, communicated with them Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.


The video was captured during the sunset in France and shows a luminous object, probably driven by someone, moving quickly, with apparently senseless maneuvers, around a chemical trail. As you can easily see from the video, after the strange maneuvers the chemical trail slowly dissolves and the UFO disappears. Conspiracy theorists and UFO experts claim that aliens have a technology capable of destroying chemtrails, but the reasons for why they should help us are not yet clear.

Ball lightning, or alien technology Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

Ball lightning

Many are the conspiracy theorists who claim that the aliens are in league with the governments and for this they offer us their help.

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To open the video click on the image, good view from your Alessandro Brizzi.

Chemtrails, definition and study. A-Z index of Cognitio.