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Cargo Cults, ancient knowledge and assumptions. In the ever-present debate between “creationists” and “evolutionists”, born from the days of Charles Darwin assertions on the alleged human development, in the last glimpses of the ‘900, it has intruded another school of thought, that which owns those who consider human evolution as the last point culmination of an alien intervention.alien intervention

Alleged extraterrestrial peoples landings that would help the development of our civilization, if not even “created” the man with bold biogenetic operations. Visitors space that would provide the land with the knowledge to start their long journey towards civilization; then, mission accomplished, they would return to their world lost in the Galaxy.

Cargo Cults, ancient knowledge, and assumptions.

How to consider these assertions, increasingly present in the literary works of the explorers of the new scientific frontier, that was never recognized by the dogmatic scholars, namely the fantasy-archeology? Hypothesis no foundation for the successful proliferation of hundreds of specialized magazines, which have as their workhorse daring thesis that propose an extraterrestrial solution to many of the unsolved riddles of history? Skilled manipulation of old accounts and new interpretations of ancient texts by skillful literary speculators all to sell millions of copies of books to poor readers that the only reason to travel with too much imagination and also believe in the impossible? Could it all be traced back to just flights of fancy of the imagination, perhaps only profit-making, or you could also channel the discourse of the scientific basis? Certainly that is the subject, in addition to affecting various authors such as Von Daniken, Sitchin, and many others, more or less reliable, has given rise to a phenomenon that in recent years has given rise to thousands of sellers lists for the world, millions of copies scattered to the four corners of the earth, billions of money collected and several bank accounts that have ballooned almost overnight. Among other things, gave birth to a new pseudo-science, clipeologia, that although opposed by academia “Puritans”, collects, as the time goes by, more and more followers among both active supporters (scientists, physicists , writers etc) both between the passive ones (the customer potentially mass of such bold Indiana Jones ns period).clipeologia

But what is clipeologia? And on what basis he founded his own existence? And it’s all that glitters is gold or is just childish statements without any scientific basis? And you can find its themes in other deeper issues on both the scientific and humanistic plan? Now we will give a reply to these questions, beginning to define what is the clipeologia and theses in which its roots. The clipeologia is looking for any UFO events in the past. The term comes from “clipeus”, the round shield of the Roman warriors, and is justified by the fact that the ancient Latin authors, such as Pliny the Elder described as “clipei ardentes” (flaming shields) some strange celestial appearances era.clipei ardentes

An example might be hidden behind the alleged vision of Emperor Constantine who, in fact, changed the history connotations. For once it seems that we can free ourselves from stereotypes or other disciplines were born overseas, and, indeed, we can “proud” to inflate the chest and say that, yes, the word clipeologia barks had its birthplace in Italy; in fact, it seems to have been coined by Umberto Colazzi in the late ’50s, and has begun to walk immediately after the peninsula thanks to “Clypeus” magazine. And, for once, we can even “bragging” to be copied, because the clipeologia, is not a purely Italian phenomenon, indeed, in most parts of the world he has found followers so much that in 1973 had founded the Ancient Astronaut Society, an organization founded Gene Philips, the purpose of which is to produce evidence of contact with extraterrestrial intelligence, which occurred millennia ago and that for certain aspects manifested itself in a massive intervention in the history and destiny of man.Ancient Astronaut Society

Throughout history seems to have been many testimonies of alleged UFO sightings in the skies of our planet and the same examination of numerous reports on what may have been the first UFO era airplane gives rise to the idea that the Earth It has long been observed and visited by other civilizations. However we consider that man has always turned his nose toward the sky, trying to learn their secrets or looking for signs and wonders to him favorable or not (and almost always found), therefore making it difficult to distinguish between “real” and sightings other celestial wonders, interpreted from time to time, and depending on the needs and circumstances, such as admonitions, encouragement or prophecies.

Cargo Cults, ancient knowledge, and assumptions.

It is absolutely my intention to quibble on the merits or otherwise of extraterrestrial argument these facts but, rather, a simple illustration only, provide an appropriate list and highlight how, beyond all, we are talking about phenomena that hit, and much observers at the time, so as to ensure that their memories were handed down to posterity, surviving the test of time. In Egyptian papyrus, known as the “Tulli Papyrus”, he tells a series of sightings of mysterious objects in the sky. The protagonists of the story Pharaoh Tuthmosis III (1504-1450, about a. C.), and many of his subjects.Tulli Papyrus

In some passages it is even surprising clarity of description that seems to leave the player without any doubt: “In the year 22, in the third month of winter, in the sixth hour of the day, the scribes of the House of Life noticed a circle of fire was coming from heaven: his body on a pole, off a perch.

Cargo Cults, ancient knowledge, and assumptions.

They spread themselves face down and went to Pharaoh and told to do. His Majesty was thinking about what was going on then, these things have become more and more frequent than in the past in the sky, brighter shone under the bright sun and stretched to the limits of the four supports of the heavens. The soldiers stood together to see Pharaoh. It was after the evening meal that these fire circles ascended higher in the sky to the south. Pharaoh did burn incense to restore peace in the country and ordered that what happened was written down in the annals of the House of Life

Also from a study conducted by Professor Solas Boncompagni, in a scene from the “Book of the Dead“, in the reproduction of the “Papyrus of Turin”, can be observed clearly in the sky three flying bodies of circular shape. The scene shows a boat with offers.Papyrus of Turin

In the “Book of the Dead,” the description, which is part of Chapter CX, concludes:

“I harbor at the time (…) on Earth, established at the time, according to the writings of the Earth, since Earth has existed and as ordered by (…) the venerable”. According to Tito Livio, in his “History of Rome”, the second king of Rome, Numa Pompilio, was the personal testimony of the fall from the sky of one of these “flying shields” and that he had counted among the objects of worship of religious practices.These objects were also seen in the future, in heaven not only in Rome but for the entire empire.Tito Livio

To confirm the thesis of the historian Tito Livio here other distinguished historians of the Roman period.

Cicero, in his “De Divinatione”, in Chapter 43, talks about when “… the sun shone in the night, with a great noise in the sky and the sky seemed to explode and amazing balls there appeared …”

Pliny the Elder, in “Histories Naturales”, in chapters 25 and 36, tells of “clipeus Ardens” seen darting in the sky of ancient Rome.

Giulio Ossequente, in “De Prodigiis” tells of sightings, made both day and night, on “Shields Fire“, “torches”, “more just” many moons “,” light wheel “etc., Appeared in Rome and other places. From “De Prodigiis”, the two Suns drawing that appeared on Alba in 204. C.

Cargo Cults, ancient knowledge, and assumptions.

There is the record of identical sightings also in the works of Plutarch, Aeschylus and Valerio Massimo. In his treatise on natural sciences, Seneca says, with many observations of unexplained “light beams” that appeared suddenly in the skies of ancient cities. The “beams” remained motionless for days, and then disappear suddenly as they had arrived. Xenophon in his “Anabasis,” A ranking of the flying objects spotted by their form; He describes them in the clamshell shapes, plates, bell-shaped, triangular.

Alessandro Magno and his army, being proficient in the context of war, likened to large sparkling silver shields what could be a UFO incursion of 329 BC, which surprised the greek army while crossing the river Jaxartes, India.

Even Aristotle found the occasion to talk about it, comparing them to the discs launched from disk throwers of ancient Greece.discs launched from the disc throwers of ancient Greece

In the era of discovery and exploration, the bodies who were traveling in the sky has become, in the eyes of observers, shapes resembling ships and later, after the invention of the balloon, flying objects were described in France as shining fire balloons. In Vermont nineteenth century, observers devoted to weaving called what they saw a plane spindle. So observers of all time have always tended to define the moving objects in the sky with the terms that came up more spontaneously to their lips.

Cargo Cults, ancient knowledge, and assumptions.

Corrado Lychostene, in his book “Prodigiorum ac Ostentorum Chronicon”, printed in Basel in the year 1557, describes the sightings of strange objects that crossed the sky in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. In addition to Greek and Christian crosses, in the book he describes the transition in the sky of Arabia, in the year 1479, of a defined object “beam”. Beside the news, it is also printed with such “beam” design, which is identical to a modern missile.Arabia, in the year 1479, of a defined object beam

In 1290, a huge circular object flew slowly silvery color the Benedictine Abbey of Ampleforth, in England, under the eyes of the terrified monks who interrupted their prayers already started in the chapel, to rush to see the prodigy. Benvenuto Cellini (1500-1571) in his autobiography describes the strange phenomenon he witnessed himself with one of his traveling companions. The two were returning from Rome, on horseback, to Florence, when they came on a hill from which you could see the city. They could well see a huge “light bars” silhouetted in the sky over Florence. The inhabitants of Nuremberg, April 14, 1561, witnessed an inexplicable phenomenon. In the sky of the city appeared numerous cylindrical objects that stood there, at the top. Soon after, came out from the inside of the cylindrical objects many other objects, shaped like a sphere and disc, which began to make changes in the sky.Nuremberg, April 14, 1561, witnessed an inexplicable phenomenon

In the sky in Basel, Switzerland, August 7, 1566, appeared several spherical objects and light and dark color. The objects were engaged in a kind of aerial combat, before the inhabitants of the city, with an eye to the sky, watching the scene. We fly over, only for reasons of space, the numerous UFO cases that seem to be the entire biblical themes, citing only a kind of Enoch notes kidnapping, Ezekiel’s vision, the same ascent to heaven of Ezekiel, the fall of Jericho, the turning point into a pillar of salt Lot’s wife and many others. Just as a reference to other articles on the site Cognitio disquisitions on Vimana proto India and the likely nuclear disasters of Mohenjo Daro.

Cargo Cults, ancient knowledge, and assumptions.

What is even more interesting when these alleged UFO sightings in the past seem to give life to real religious movements and thought that has conditioned both the present and the future of the populations come into contact of these phenomena, whatever their nature they were. In fact, many ancient religious traditions in various parts of the world and different ancient peoples, they speak of came down from heaven to rule and instruct mankind, gods with great powers and exceptional means. This is the case of the man-fish Oannes myth, the Sumerian tradition, which would be down from the sky on board a “huge glistening pearl”, to bring knowledge to men. Note in this regard presents a given extremely interesting: the Sumerian civilization, in fact, the oldest in the world, developed suddenly, almost Oannes

In the Andes we find the myth of fish-woman (or woman tapir, according to the traditions) Orejona, also down from the sky near Lake Titicaca, and went back to heaven after completing its task. We would like to forget the Biblical Nephilim or Kjappas some Japanese cultures, or the strange Bep Kororoti, strange being held by the ambiguous (a spacesuit?), From whose hands flowed lighting that came down in the Amazon Indian tribes Kajappos? In short, we could cite many more examples, but it is not the length of the list that would define the importance or its veracity.

Rather, it is interesting to note that these religious traditions are born through the secure interference of something that had to at least appear worthy of attracting the attention of those ancient observers. What makes the inner need for those people to deify those strange phenomena? And we have a documented response to today of a possible coercion of thought in the face of events that have at least the strange? Well, all these ancient birth of religious thought movements have a match in a very well studied and documented phenomena: the cargo cults.the cargo cults

The cargo cults arise when a given culture, technologically advanced, comes into contact with another further back. The “cargo cults” are part of the cultural-religious tradition of most of the indigenous population of Oceania, where the ships of the first European settlers were considered loads of their gifts sent by the gods. A further escalation of these cults took place during World War II, this time due mainly to military transport aircraft, seen as “heavenly bird” carrying gifts.

Testimonials important of these cargo cults involving great explorers like Cristoforo Colombo who, after landing on one of the islands of the Bahamas, wrote in his diary: “They welcomed us as if we were descended from heaven”Likewise Columbus also Sir Francis Drake, and there is evidence in his logbook, it was mistaken for a divine entity, otherworldly by Native Americans settled in the area where now stands San Francisco: “We tried to explain to them that we were not gods but to no avail. “The Spanish conquistadors, led first by Cortes and then by Pizarro, easily got the better of local populations (Aztecs and Incas), although in far fewer, since, because of their physical appearance, have been mistaken for ancient seeds -of civilization (Kukulkan, Quetzalcoatl) back in those places.

I own horses and their weapons appeared to the astonished eyes of those people as miraculous elements of divinity. Just think that the same Spanish, to thicken the popular belief that their horses were immortal animals, they hid the body when one of the horses remained killed. Jean Rimbault, captain, erected in 1565 in Florida a monumental column depicting the emblem of their nation. After a few years, the local indigenous people began to venerate this column, making it the center of religious worship, adorning it with garlands and placing them in front of sacrifices as a gift. The idealization of these so personalized religious philosophy cults of some of these people that they came even to exaggerate these cults, to the point of making genuine own atrocities. James Cook fù just one of the cargo cults victims because its story is an unfortunate series of coincidences that, viewed from the cultural and religious background of the natives, they will die.James Cook

January 17, 1779, Captain James Cook, in command of his Discovery reaches the islands of Tahiti generously welcomed by the natives. Once he landed, with his men, Cook was shrouded by a priest with a red cloth as people cheered, calling him “Lono”. This cult has had a well-defined pattern in the spiritual-religious liturgy of the place; In fact, every year, between November and December, the island of Hawaii began Makahiki celebrations, the feast of the regeneration of nature whose patron deity was Lono, the god of fertility, whose sails appeared when the Pleiades in front of  the horizon.

According to local myth, Lono had been exiled from the island to the other months of the year and ran through a long round trip, clockwise around the island to fertilize all countries. Cook had arrived just when the Hawaiians were waiting for Lono and he was hailed as a deity. The ceremony provided that after thirty days Lono stages a ritual combat with the king of ‘island and was killed. His body, loaded on a canoe, would take the road to exile, to return the following year. Cook sailed from Kealakekua on February 4, at the end of the celebrations, but a storm damaged his ships and forced him to return to the bay. It was February 14, when the British ship reappeared to the islanders. No party, no singing, but an attitude of hostility.

The sudden return of Lono, but in the opposite direction, he had disturbed the natives. It was a sign of disorder, the real challenge authority. E ‘was necessary to the sacrifice of the god to heal a broken cosmic balance. So it was that Cook has fallen under the blows of the Hawaiian chiefs, suffering the fate of the god who had been deified, another horizon had sentenced him. Other changes in cargo cults were born spontaneously during the Second World War when often American soldiers and their vehicles were mistaken for coming from far away to fight the Japanese invaders and bring gifts. Similar to the pastoral language adopted by Ezekiel to describe his vision, and language, adapted each time the draw is cultural and social observer of the alleged UFO phenomena in the distant past, as has been previously stated, it is surprising to note that even in If cargo cults of the vocabulary used to describe the technical tools of the “foreign” by concepts borrowed from the same lexicon, for example the plane called “thunderbird” or “Big bird” or telephone wires “wires singers” or defined locomotive ” fire Horse, are very similar to the concepts expressed by ancient people in ancient times.

Let us compare, then these cargo cults and religions known to us. We can not help but notice surprising commonalities. The handed down legends orally that tell of the gods coming down on earth on chariots of fire to punish sinners, to reward men or to demand services from them, are undoubtedly in all cultures, traditions, and religions of the world, as we have seen above. But while the “Gods” belonging to the said cargo cults, members of a period (XVI-XIV century) close to us and so well documented, are well known to us, we must ask, however, who or what were those in ages remote they led to the formation of today’s cults now deeply rooted in the cultures of all peoples of the planet? In both cases, it is still important to note that there is a vital need to deify technological elements foreign to the social collectivity of the people who came into contact with these new realities. Just as many Polynesian peoples were building real “totem” or simulacra of sacred images representing the ships of the first European explorers before or planes of American troops later, so often, in the study of ancient civilizations, we are faced with culturally foreign elements to those entities.totem

Just remember the alleged Egyptian gliders or jewelry in the airplane shape belonging to the Inca cultures, often, and perhaps erroneously mentioned as fanciful depictions or more volatile. If we take as true the hypothesis that the Earth wants the object of extraterrestrial visitation in the distant past, and how these visits have become, in the collective imagination of the people of that time as formative elements of the early ancestor worship-cargo before its time, here many representations on the walls, written on parchment, quotes from flying objects, astronomical knowledge and so on, may have a foundation and an explanation.

So clipeologia, in addition to simple profit-making media phenomenon, could be much more considered, assuming that it is based on two pillars: 1) the UFO phenomenon is not exclusive of our time: it is rooted in history, up to the most remote times; 2) its manifestation through the centuries has been documented in the form of descriptions, allusions, references, in the mythologies, the sacred texts, in the ancient authors books, in medieval chronicles, in the travel journals, in vessels etc books. In summary, we can say that the purpose of clipeologia is therefore to discover these alleged traces and present them as such after being stripped of the legendary robe, religious or legendary, always bearing in mind, however, that it can give a new interpretation but not to impose such interpretation is the right one. In short, while concocting false reports and false evidence, as did some authors, real discredit the UFO phenomena without sense, may seem just a poor attempt at “dialogue”, however, we must admit that eliminating a priori such evidence historical and not to consider them in a different light is a bit ‘like trying to be horses with blinders, with models configured incorrectly and only secured our cognitive and interpretive blindness. Cargo Cults, ancient knowledge, and assumptions.



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Cargo Cults, ancient knowledge and assumptions.