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Bronzes Riace, no Greek sculptures! Are Anunnaki! In my opinion is Anunnaki look!Sumerian Anunnaki, made in Akkadian with Anunnakkū.

Friends urologists, in my opinion, and not only in my opinion but also that of my “friends”, the Bronzes RiaceRiace bronzes are the final performance of the Anunnaki! So far they have endorsed the idea that the Riace Bronzes could come from Greece, where they are portrayed as Greek fighters, in our opinion it is not true! If you look at them carefully and you look properly you may notice a certain similarity with the Anunnaki, long curly hair, beard and long curly hair and especially their height.

In my opinion is their original height! Friends Now that I said what actually could be, you do not believe even you? Personally, I’m lucky to live 30 km from Riace in Italy and the statues I saw very closely, are structured in a perfect way. They were built to be the smallest details, which are the representation and the image of man as did the Anunnaki. It is not true that because of the bracelets to support a hypothetical shield, these plates are for the defense! I remind you that in one and more images of the Anunnaki appeared a kind of clock? It’s all true friends these statues represent the founding fathers of the human race. So far no one had thought of such a thing, but I will! I hope that with this personal discovery and that my thesis may open new studies for these statues so perfect. Now I turn to you scientists around the world, make projects with different thoughts to this day! Well, after my review I posted a picture that depicts the Anunnaki in order to compare them with the video. Think about it and touted Knowledge.

Bronzes Riace, no Greek sculptures! Are Anunnaki!



To open the video click on the image, good view from your Alessandro Brizzi.

Bronzes Riace, no Greek sculptures! Are Anunnaki!