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Bronze Age is the name given, in 1836. Archeology and History. The archaeologist Danish  Christian J. Thomsen on one of the three periods in European prehistory that he had distinguished on the basis of materials characteristic of each period (Stone Age, Bronze Age, Age of Iron).Mummy Stone Age with her baby, love wins over everything!

The Bronze Age is between 2300 BC and from 950 to 800 BC, the time interval in which the process towards increasingly complex economic and social forms was greatly accelerated in Europe; this allowed the phenomenon of paramount historical importance, which is the birth of the city took place in the next millennium. A very important feature of the European Bronze Age was the greater ability of men to affect the environment. The agricultural and forest resources were exploited more productively than ever before, thanks primarily to the use of the plow, wood, and later of bronze tools such as axes, used for felling trees, and sickles, which allowed greater efficiency for crops. This phenomenon walked hand in hand with a tendency to occupy a stable and prolonged the same places, thus leading to the birth of villages equipped in some cases works – the fortifications in the first place – which required a significant investment of time and energy. The remains of the villages come to light showing groups of agglomerated huts around central spaces, often dedicated to community activities, and separated by narrow streets. The settlement stabilization brought about the need to change the surrounding area to allow better use of the land for cultivation and grazing. The realization of partition systems of fields for agricultural and livestock purposes led to a significant change in the landscape; there were some rare examples in the British Isles but also in Italy.

Also born the first roads, known mainly for archaeologists in the form of tracks, in central and Northern Europe, they were made for crossing wetlands.



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Bronze Age is the name given, in 1836.