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Breaking the sound? Negative, this is alien technology! I saw hundreds of launches, but never like this !! Friends ufologists, I saw hundreds of launches, but never like this !! This launch is a very strange thing in archives that have not been published, you notice something strange like a rainbow. If in the future I am close to a launch, I immediately publish. But let’s stop on what we saw. In the video, you can clearly see that the Atlas is able to reach a certain distance from the ground. But when you get to a certain distance there is a crazy thing, it’s like a supersonic beam pulls the ship towards you, or as if to change the structure of the spacecraft itself is not clear. Then they experience the waves across the sky as if the ship had entered the water. Breaking the sound? Negative, this is alien technology! I have seen the launch, but when the probe breaks the sound barrier usually does not happen all that happens here. Usually, when it breaks the sound barrier, it will only be a small bubble around the tip, not like those beautiful waves of an explosion !! As well as my motto says, when you experience the strange events there are always about “them.” Dear friends, we are under constant surveillance, “they” are watching us at all times, especially when it comes to major events, such as the departure of a spaceship or as the study on nuclear power, many testimonies, in fact, show their interest towards the bombs nuclear, more events occurred in the automatic suspension of the launch of nuclear rockets, “they” understand the extreme danger of nuclear weapons and do not want the human race play with these “toys”. I am convinced that, in their past have already had experience with nuclear power, and that’s why now I do not want that humans do the same experiences, what I mean is that most likely their civilization, their planet has gone through these bombs.




To open the video, click on the picture, good view from your Alessandro Brizzi.

Breaking the sound Negative, this is alien technology