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In general relativity, a black hole is defined as a space region with a gravitational field so intense that nothing inside it can escape outside, not even light.

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Gravitational interaction

The escape velocity of a black hole is higher than the speed of light, and since the speed of light is an unsurpassed limit, no particle of matter or no kind of energy can move away from that region. The closed, geometric and purely imaginary surface – containing the massive object, and which delimits the region of the space beyond which these conditions are “without return”, is called the horizon of events.

For the massive object in the center of the region, which gives rise to the gravitational field, the theorized a state of matter called singularity, that is, with unknown characteristics and extraneous to the laws of quantum mechanics that describe the behavior of matter in the universe known to us, and assuming that its density could be infinite.

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Celestial mechanics

When an object falls into a black hole, any information about the object’s shape or charge distribution on it is uniformly distributed along the horizon of the black hole and is irremediably lost to the external observer. 

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Astronomical observation

The distinctive feature is the appearance of a horizon of events – a space-time boundary through which matter and light can only pass into the interior. Nothing, not even light, can escape the horizon of events. The event horizon is referred to as such, because if an event occurs within its boundaries, the information from that event can not reach an external observer, making it impossible to determine if it has actually been verified. At the center of a black hole as described by general relativity, there is a gravitational singularity, a region in which the curvature of space becomes infinite. For a black non-rotating hole, this region takes the form of a single point, while for a rotating black hole it is coated to form a ring singularity in the rotation plane. In either case, the singular region has a zero volume. It can be shown that the singular region contains all the mass of the black hole. The singular region can therefore be thought of as having infinite density. At present we know little about the behavior of the black holes, as this strange celestial anomaly falls within the theoretical physics that for many profane might be completely unintelligible. An international team of astronomers might have found a way to capture the image of a black hole where gravitational tension is so strong that it captures the same light. Their existence has been proven by examining the formation of cluster densities and the space matter surrounding the singularity of the Wormhole.

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The Spaceship Space Telescope, the Array Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope (NuStar), would be able to capture the moment when a huge object was ejected from the “crown” of a black hole.

Shortly thereafter, a strong X-ray energy impulse was separated from the “outer crown” of the black hole. This has confused NASA experts, including Fiona Harrison, according to whom this phenomenon could change the whole concept we have on black holes.

NASA looks to the exploration of asteroids. Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.


Thanks to modern technology, the data obtained from the telescopes will help to understand the structure of black holes and their operation. In the light of all this how to explain the strange celestial body seen emerging from within a black hole? Who or what survived his immense destructive power? Does the strange object come from an alternative dimension?

Black hole, definition and study. A-Z index of Cognitio.



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Black hole, definition and study. A-Z index of Cognitio.

Black hole