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The Bermuda triangle is an area of the northern Atlantic Ocean that has the shape of a triangle. In relation to this vast area of the sea, of about 1 100 000 km², since the fifties mass culture has led to the belief that there have been many episodes of disappearances of ships and aircraft since 1800. for this reason some authors have nicknamed the “Cursed Triangle” or “Triangle of the Devil” area.

Stealth, UFO and Aircraft. Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.


The triangle has experienced particular popularity in the media, especially starting from the best-selling Bermuda book, according to which mysterious phenomena in the area would have been combined with the paranormal and UFOs.

The first reports of unusual disappearances in the Bermuda triangle date back to 1950 in a September 30 article by Associated Press. Two years later, Fate magazine published “Sea Mystery At Our Back Door,” a short article by George X. Sand reporting the alleged disappearance of many planes and ships including the disappearance of Flight 19 and a group of five United States Navy ships. . This article marks the beginning of the myth of the Bermuda triangle as it is known today. This article was also the first to formulate a supernatural hypothesis for alleged disappearances. Giving certain the disappearances narrated in books and newspapers, various authors related to ufology have advanced the hypothesis that the mysterious disappearances of planes and ships in the Bermuda Triangle are to be attributed to the extraterrestrials.

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According to ufologists, the aliens consider the area of the Bermuda triangle as their area of flight, being an area they have frequented for centuries (this is what George Adamski said, the most famous of the contactists) and do not tolerate anyone’s presence. Over the years, other pseudoscientific theories on disappearances have been formulated. Various authors link these phenomena to unusual magnetic anomalies, or to the presence of methane layers that would have imprisoned aircraft and ships.

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“The sea depths of this area have a depth of about 9,000 meters and since 1800, the Bermuda Triangle has always been the center of attention because, in this area, mysterious and inexplicable events have occurred: ships suddenly disappeared and then unmanned reappearance; planes disappeared from the radar, whose traces were permanently lost. The area is among the busiest of the world’s shipping lanes, with ships often traversing this area to reach the ports of the Americas, Europe and the Caribbean islands. Recently, a popular YouTube channel, The Infographics Show, has attempted to solve these mysteries: the hypothesis, among other possibilities, is that the lost city of Atlantis, both in the abysses within the vast triangular area.

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Many believe that the story of Atlantis is just a myth created by Plato, while others claim that the legend is absolutely based on actual historical facts, imputable to a sudden natural catastrophe. According to the Greek philosopher’s story, Atlantis was a real empire: an immense part of the world, characterized by mountains and plains, which sank into the abyss in just one day “. One of the current hypotheses concerns the area inside the Bermuda Triangle: some argue that, in the depths of the area, authentic and unique structures have been identified, recognizable in real “crystal pyramids”: continuous producers of magnetic energy to support the activities of Atlantis and even control the forces of nature.

Antarctica, because there is a long buried structure 22 kilometers?


These structures could be the cause of the sinking of ships and aircraft that cross the Bermuda Triangle. According to another theory, very strong, is that at the center of the disappearances in the area, there is an alien civilization and an underwater base: this would explain according to some, both the disappearances and the electromagnetic perturbations in that area. Even the hexagonal clouds have been discussed as a possible answer to the mysteries, along with strong gusts of wind that touching 170 km per hour, could send a vehicle off course, also causing tsunami waves.

Clouds cut, original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

Clouds cut

Finally it is known that the electron fog interferes with sensitive technology on board the ships. However, one does not stop looking for Atlantis that still remains enveloped in myth and in the most absolute mystery.”

Bermuda Triangle, definition and study. A-Z index of Cognitio.



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Bermuda Triangle, definition and study. A-Z index of Cognitio.

Bermuda Triangle