Beetle, Kheperer an anti-gravity instrument used to build the great pyramids of Giza! original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

The pyramids are one of humanity’s greatest enigmas, even today they are discussing their true function. Science is increasingly surprised by them and their new discoveries. In fact, a short time ago I noticed an article about a strange discovery made at the Great Pyramid of Giza and the great Pyramid of the Sun in Bosnia.

German and Russian researchers have discovered that the Giza pyramid in Egypt centralizes, or rather, conveys electromagnetic energy into the inner chambers and concentrates on the underground ground. Another discovery was that the pyramids of the Giza Plain act as a shield for cosmic rays. The Pyramid of the Sun in Bosnia is 220 meters high, higher than the pyramid of Cheops, and has been discovered to emit torsion waves, similar to those used by Nikola Tesla.

Just a coincidence? Not exactly!! Now some researchers are studying the image of the Egyptian Scarab, called Kheperer, which has become an immortal symbol of Egyptian mythology, one of the favorite icons of those who love or try to imitate the art of this ancient people: the hieroglyph depicting the humble dung beetle indicated Khepri, the god of dawn, another version of Ra, the god of the sun. The ancient Egyptians believed that the male beetle kept its seed in the dung balls which it then rolled, just as Khepri shifted the sun into the sky: for this reason in the Egyptian legends the insect became an emblem of genesis, rebirth and life force.

A symbol of life that regenerates itself, the beetle was often depicted along with symbols of the sun with wings and hawk paws in addition to the solar disk. Now the expert Dan A. Davidson explains the basis of Viktor Grebennikov’s discoveries and how some insects actually fly (levitation) and report it as a rotating vortex (vortex) that creates a magnetic field that neutralizes gravity. A very interesting discovery. There may also be a sunbathing effect at the nano level. The Vortex is a simpler and more direct system to modify the balance of the directions of the so-called “rays” of gravity, therefore the motion. The atom is in equilibrium when it is still in space, if it receives a movement, the incoming force determines a greater “pressure” towards the containment space of the atom itself along that direction and consequently a “depression” towards the opposite side . This “pressure” change alters the outflow of gravity “depression”, the “rays” of gravity, concentrating them towards the equilibrium point, in the middle of the structure of the atom. So the atom comes to present greater gravity all around the central position. If the matter, which has been set in motion, performs a circular movement around an axis, perpendicular to the plane tangent to the earth, an increase in gravity is verified upwards and downwards (as well as radially). But there is also an increase in repulsion from the earth, a value that increases, with increasing speed, until it nullifies the force of attraction of the earth’s gravity, and beyond, obtaining a movement towards the top. The matter subjected to this circular motion also determines other effects, for example it develops magnetic fields, which, if properly collected, can be transformed into energy. This is the anti-gravity that is created by the “vortex” system. It is not science fiction but it is reality !!! Now with this discovery it is said that perhaps the ancient Egyptians used this technique to build pyramids.

A new and interesting theory that could solve the whole enigma of the construction of these mysterious and enormous buildings, which are precious tools to deflect the Cosmic Rays but not only. It seems that these monuments would be real energy boosters connected with the Sun and would exploit a technology similar to that created by Nikola Tesla on Torsion Fields. A very curious fact, the wings of beetles were used in the experiment, insects that even the Egyptians worshiped. At this point the question arises spontaneously … Are we facing the same time for an extraterrestrial technology not understood over the millennia?

Beetle, Kheperer an anti-gravity instrument used to build the great pyramids of Giza! original article by Alessandro Brizzi.



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Beetle, Kheperer an anti-gravity instrument used to build the great pyramids of Giza! original article by Alessandro Brizzi.