Ball lightning, or alien technology? Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

Ball lightning is a rare, sometimes very short and the personal atmosphere luminous phenomenon.

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It is a small luminous globe, a nearly spherical shape and of variable diameter, stationary or, more frequently, in rapid and random motion. It can sight both in the presence and absence of thunderstorms. This curious atmospheric phenomenon is even now little understood; of all energy manifestations that take shape in the troposphere is still one of the most mysterious, although it is now studied for centuries.

Many have been the occasional observations of the phenomenon. The first written records date back to 1596: the annals report that in the Cathedral of Wells, England, just before a violent storm, came west from the window a bright ball, which then exploded with a huge bang. Whose image portrays a sphere photographed at the caves in the Hertfordshire area called the gates of hell.

In fact, in the nineteenth century some of these phenomena were photographed and, with the advent of electricity, also reproduced in the laboratory. The Tesla scientist declared to be able to artificially reproduce the spherical lightning of the diameter of one inch and a half but, since he was interested in experiments with high voltages and powers in order to achieve wireless transmission of power, these spheres considered little more than a curiosity . The diameter of the globe of light is very variable, generally between 5 cm and about 1 meter, usually with feathered edges and a brighter core. It can be seen from very few seconds to some minutes. Its color can vary from red, orange, yellow, white and blue, with bright light and perceptible even in daylight conditions. Its disappearance is usually characterized by a weakening of the brightness, but can also disappear suddenly with an explosion, leaving a smell of sulfur or, more commonly, ozone, similar to that which originates from electrical discharges in free air. It is not yet clear if ball lightning can pass through walls or windows without damaging them. They were also spotted of ball lightning that seems to rotate around its axis. You can materialize anywhere, although, usually, in the open air. Very rarely it appears in sequence, as well as rarely remains stationary. In my point of view, these phenomena openly reflect the domain that have “them” on the climate, so these are simply alien technologies.

Alien entities, command our climate Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

Alien entities

Ball lightning, or alien technology? Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.




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Ball lightning, or alien technology Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

Ball lightning