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Baalbek City central and northern Lebanon, the Bekaa Valley, linked from the beginning to the worship of the Semitic god Baal. The primitive stages of dating back to the Bronze Age.Bronze Age is the name given, in 1836.

In the Hellenistic period, he became known as Heliopolis. Passed with Pompeii under Roman rule, probably in the time of Emperor Tiberius he assumed the status of a colony.Pompeii before Rome, new archaeological finds found.

It became a bishopric under Constantine and fell under Islamic rule from 637.

At the time of Tiberius on the shrine dedicated to the Heliopolitan Triad, the most interesting document for the study of the architectural evolution of the Roman East. The temple, Corinthian pseudoperipteral preceded by a flight of steps in front, envisaged on a large porticoed courtyard, completed around the middle of the 2nd century. A.D. the vestibule hexagonal probably dates back to the reign of Philip the Arab. The second sanctuary, well preserved, said ‘the temple of Bacchus, has an interesting interior decoration. A third temple is circular. The city was also equipped with a theater and pentagonal walls with square towers. The origins of Baalbek dates back to two settlements Canaanites that the archaeological excavations under the Temple of Jupiter have identified as dating back to the Bronze Age and ancient.The etymology average of the name is related to the noun Baal or Bel in different languages of ‘area Semitic northwestern means “lord”. The Baalbek term would thus “lord of the Beqa ‘” and would probably be correlated to the oracle and the sanctuary dedicated to the god Baal or Bel and Anat, goddess of war and violence, sister and wife of Baal, perhaps associated with Tammuz, god of regeneration spring. The religious practices of these temples contemplated probably, as in other cultural contiguous, sacred prostitution, animal sacrifices and ritual offerings to the gods of drinks.

Baalbek City central and northern Lebanon.



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Baalbek City central and northern Lebanon.