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Autumn wave of sightings in 1954, are you still susceptible? For an autumn wave of sightings in 1954 is a set of numerous UFO sightings that occurred in the months of September, October, and November of 1954.UFO 360

At that time the sightings occurred especially in Europe where, according to a study carried out by Dr. Donald Johnson, he concentrated about 75% of world sightings; The most affected country was France, where there was about 70% in the European sightings.

also, several close encounters were reported. The largest number of sightings occurred in October. Several sightings occurred in Italy. That of 1954 was the first wave of UFO sightings that affected Europe. One among many was the sighting of UFOs in Florence in Italy. The sighting takes place on the day of October 27, 1954, mainly in two places: the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore and in the Municipal Stadium. Testimony recalls the identification of several unidentified objects white shaped “gull wings”. Other witnesses reported seeing “objects in the shape of Chinese mandarin hat”.Chinese Archeology, discoveries of ancient myths and gods

The sighting would take place at 14:20 hours on the cathedral, remaining visible for about 15 minutes. A few minutes after the first event, it took place the second sighting over the skies of the Municipal Stadium in which he was competing in the friendly match Fiorentina-Pistoiese. The game was suspended shortly after the start of the second half, to the evolution of some unidentified objects over the stadium. Following the events over the cathedral and the stadium would be followed for about half an hour the fall of sticky material filaments, the so-called silicon cotton or “angel hair”.In my point of view, in this episode we are faced with a testimony of thousands of people who watched the game that day, what else can I say? Which is all a sham? That those people have been victims of mass hysteria? No! I will not tell because I do not think at all!



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Autumn wave of sightings in 1954, are you still susceptible