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Attempted abduction in Germany! My “friends” Germans have reported to me this video.
Friends ufologists, as you can see, the title reveals all the considerations necessary, it may be said with one word: “they” exist!
But how can you not believe in their existence? Now we realize that are famous all over the world, this video is a tangible testimony. The adventure that has suffered these German boys is proof!

This video is incredible, this abduction is incredible, two young Germans who come into a road just outside the city, something magical happens suddenly … These two guys very shaken after the adventure in 2008 have included the video on Youtube, but strangely do not talk a lot, why? But this testimony is an important viral video, and also very real, the two were very frightened indeed have been very lucky not to have been abducted. Remember friends who always choose the best videos for you and for me, with the help of my “friends.” Among the most popular theories in ufology in UFO crash (defined as crashes of extraterrestrial aircraft), there are those who want the governments of the major nations of the existence of aliens and the hypothesis that governments themselves have already close contacts and/or acquired developed technology of extraterrestrial origin thanks to this type of events.

Among ufologists who follow the conspiracy theories, it is believed that the states are trying to conceal the existence of aliens, including so obviously the fall of alien ships, thanks to the intervention of special groups known for their dark clothing, such as Men black. These theories, in particular, those on reverse engineering of alien ships plummeted during the years of the Cold War, have been employed by ufologists and supporters of unconventional scientific theories to justify the technological advancements of the two world superpowers (the United States of America and Russia ): the progress of those years in the exploration and space armaments would have been made possible thanks to the study and interpretation of the recovered precipitated advanced aircraft technology, from time to time or in previous years, in their respective areas of expertise. Well, then what are you waiting to wake up from this long sleep? Now, this opportunity to go to Germany is blurred, but if I have more news, we will feel soon!

Attempted abduction in Germany! My “friends” Germans have reported to me this video.



To open the video, click on the picture, good view from your Alessandro Brizzi.

Attempted abduction in Germany! My "friends" Germans...