Anu-bis = Anu-nnaki? we test! original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

The word Anu echoes in my head, and that’s why I started to do the research. Historical research has it that Anubis is the fourth son of Ra, then being the son of Ra belongs to the lineage of the Anunnaki, in fact is the greatest disciple of this lineage.

Each deity, every alien being has a specific power, the power of Anubis is to manage the death of living beings. 

This according to the history books, but in my opinion it is not so, he has the power, as all the Anunnaki, to enter the dreams of men and manipulate their minds, he has the shape of a black jackal, and how many of you have dreamed a black dog that bites you somewhere in the body? I think that at least everyone has done this type of dream at least once in their lives.

He has the power to instill fear through dreams, as a warning, a kind of warning, many times in life we make huge mistakes and we risk being between life and death, so it appears he Anubis-Anunnako and warns us of ‘imminent fatal mistake and bite us. Personally the dream in question I had at least a dozen times … always the same black dog! “They” are the reality around us, among us and there are many races, but the breed of the Anunnaki, is a breed superior learner directly from Ra, which as in the previous article ” Anunnaki, who really were Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.” I fully described. 

In the history reference is made to Anubis, as the Lord of the West, in fact, in the eastern populations, this type of dream is not frequent. In primitive cult zoolatry, Anubis was initially portrayed as a canid from reddish hair, with big ears and long tail, then when the Anunnaki were gradually leaving the planet Earth, was depicted in human form with a jackal dog’s head, but it was a bailor representation by humans. Anubis is still there, it’s still in our dreams!

Anu-bis = Anu-nnaki? we test! original article by Alessandro Brizzi.




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Anu-bis = Anu-nnaki we test! original article by Alessandro Brizzi.