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The oldest known mechanical calculator, dated between 150 and 100 B.C. or, according to more recent hypothesis, to 250 b. C. It is a sophisticated planetarium, driven by cogwheels, which was used to calculate the sunrise, the lunar phases, the movements of the five known planets, the equinoxes, the months, the days of the week and – according to a study published on Nature – the dates of the Olympic games. It is kept in the National Archaeological Museum of Athens. The mechanism was found in 1900 thanks to the signaling of a group of sponge fishermen who, having lost their route due to a storm, had been forced to take refuge on the rocky island of Cerigotto.

Off the island, at a depth of about 43 meters, they discovered the wreck of a ship, shipwrecked in the second quarter of the first century BC. and used for the transport of prestigious objects, including bronze and marble statues. On 17 May 1902 the archaeologist Valerios Stais, examining the finds recovered from the wreck, noticed that a block of stone had a gear incorporated inside. With a more in-depth examination, it was discovered that what initially appeared to be a stone was in fact a strongly encrusted and corroded mechanism, of which three main parts and tens of minor fragments had survived. It was a whole series of toothed wheels, covered with inscriptions, forming part of an elaborate clockwork mechanism. The machine was about 30 cm by 15 cm in size, the thickness of a book, made of copper and originally mounted in a wooden frame. It was covered by over 2,000 characters of writing, about 95% of which was decrypted (the full text of the inscription has not yet been published). The Anti-cult mechanism is sometimes cited among the cases of OOPArt, the so-called “artifacts out of time”, by the supporters of mysterious archaeology, which do not recognize a Hellenistic scientific artifact.

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What if the mechanism was a reproduction of some alien technology that existed in the past? What I want to make reflect my fellow scholars, is that in my opinion the mechanism is a human replica of an alien technology that was used at the time to do something incredible, for example it can be a replica of a Stargate, or a car of the time that allowed to move from one side of the cosmos to another.

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Cosmic space

In my opinion, today’s scientists exclude these visions a priory by calling them bizarre, but in my opinion we are faced with something alien or even a replica of an alien technology.

Antikythera mechanism, definition and study. A-Z index of Cognitio.



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Antikythera mechanism, definition and study. A-Z index of Cognitio.

Antikythera mechanism