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Anomalies on the Moon and Mars: a burst of energy, a spaceship and a bird!

As usual, it is difficult to determine whether they are simple ‘pareidolia’, that is, images that our brain interprets as a family, but they are simply the result of a shadow play or a photographic artifact. Or, as in the case of the photo taken from Apollo 16, natural phenomena could be completely unknown to us.

Clearly, it comes to images that our perception interprets as in ‘contrast’ with the surrounding environment. In this case, I show you two images taken on Mars and another, very surprising, taken during the Apollo 16 mission. As we shall see, those who have discovered the images has no doubts: the photos of Mars and the Moon show, with increasing frequency, which of those worlds there is something very strange, something that does not yet understand, or worse, is hidden from us.

The first image that monster was taken with the MOC (Mars Orbiter Camera), a photographic instrument mounted onboard the Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) sent to Mars in 1986. It is the image cataloged under the symbol M11-01782.

The MOC has taken more than 243,000 orbital images of the surface of Mars, before NASA lost contact with the Mars Global Surveyor, closing the program permanently in 2007. The image below appears to show what appears to be a spaceship, or a building.

The second alert always about the red planet. This time it’s surface image taken by our old friend, the rover Spirit, robotic veteran ‘mission rotated’ on Mars. It is the image cataloged with the initials SOL 1763.

The picture shows a strange object placed at an angle on the surface of Mars. Observing the form, it seems to be in front of a strange flying creature, a kind of moth. Ok, assuming it is not a moth, and certainly it is not, then what is it. Even if it was a rock, because he has this position so strange, so also project their own shadow? Finally, a picture of the Moon really interesting. This is a photograph of a lunar crater taken April 21, 1972 in orbit, during the Apollo 16 mission. This is the Stain Crater, a crater located on the dark side of the Moon.

The image, cataloged under the symbol AS16-P-4095, shows a strange light phenomenon in the northwestern part of the crater. In this case, the very little to do pareidolia. There are three hypotheses: we are looking at a photographic artifact produced by the film, we are observing a natural phenomenon, or we are dealing with some kind of artificial phenomenon, that is produced by an intelligence. The picture would show that it has the air of being a central production of energy. Whatever it is, however, the picture has captured a burst of energy to come from that sort of conduit. It is truly incredible image. It is a natural phenomenon that still do not understand, or the residue of energy used by “someone” who is on the moon? Who knows … The fact remains that the images generally greatly excite the curiosity!




To open the video click on the image, good view from your Alessandro Brizzi.