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Andromeda constellation of the northern sky, introduced by Ptolemy. It is located south of Cassiopeia and north of Pisces and Pegasus and includes the Andromeda nebula.

One of the three galaxies visible to the naked eye; thanks to its proximity (is 720 kpc, ie 2.3 million light-years from the Milky Way), it is one of the best-studied galaxies.Milky Way 360

Andromedids Swarm periodic shooting stars, with radiant in the constellation Andromeda. see generally between 17 and 27 November. Since they come from the disintegration of Comet Biela, they are also called Bielidi. The constellation is identified with ease, lying northeast of the bright asterism of the Square of Pegasus, the star at the top of the northeastern part of Andromeda; The constellation is then extended to the north and east of the Square, following an alignment of stars of the second and third magnitude, since arriving almost lapping the shining path of the Milky Way in the north. Its dimensions are remarkable, but in the west, there are only faint stars, more than the fourth magnitude. Its identification is facilitated by the presence of the characteristic shape of Cassiopeia, located further north; in general, it can be said that space devoid of bright stars located between Cassiopeia and Pegasus is part of Andromeda. The best time to his observation falls between September and January; the northern hemisphere is the perfect vantage point, where it occurs in the circumpolar starting at mid-latitudes, going up to the north. In this hemisphere is a typical autumn constellation, but is visible in the evening sky from late August until late in March without much difficulty. From the southern hemisphere always it shows very low on the horizon and starting from temperate latitudes medium become progressively invisible. Andromeda is a constellation representing Princess Andromeda, located in the northern hemisphere near Pegasus. The constellation has the approximate shape of a letter ‘A’ elongated, weak and deformed. It is famous for the presence of the Andromeda Galaxy in its borders.

Andromeda, constellation of the northern sky.



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Andromeda, constellation of the northern sky.