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Ancient truth, our founding fathers, were they “them”? “They” have existed for millions of years !!  This video that I present in the day today is very attractive. Obviously you always chooses the best of the best, highest resolution and in HD. When I can not take videos in HD, because it means they are really interesting and worth seeing even with low resolution. This video shows a bit ‘all the history of the ancients, who can imagine understands that certain sculptures, some stones are not just representations of pure imagination but reality. Those so elaborate stones designed so perfectly, can not be just fantasy, I think are the key to everything, and I think we are still not able to fully comprehend. One thing is certain, that our founding fathers are “they”, or rather God created us, but “they” were at the height of the chain, the height of development, are also children of God.

What I mean dear friends who God created humans, but in other areas of the Universe has created other life forms, so they are also “their” children of God, it is conceivable to think that as humans have had their history on Earth, even “their” they have them on their planet.Universe 360

Ancient truth, our founding fathers, were they “them”?

But I also think that in some way, at some point in human history with their history has been woven, and these are the documents that testify this event. The best thing to do is to gather scholars from around the world, archaeologists, astronomers, UFO and begin to really study the history! the real story! not that fable that our governments send us in our imprenting.UFO 360

Ancient truth, our founding fathers, were they “them”?

The constant pursuit of universal knowledge is the key to everything, follow me friends, in this great adventure! It’s important to research I’m doing is what the Nephilim.Nephilim, (Hebrew נפלים), present in the Old Testament (Torah).

Ancient truth, our founding fathers, were they “them”?



To open the video, click on the picture, good view from your Alessandro Brizzi.

Ancient truth, our founding fathers, were they them