Ancient alien race, he engineered humanity; Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

An ancient extraterrestrial race, or rather the “Ancient Astronauts“, would have come to Earth through a “Wormhole” located on a planet belonging to the group of stars of the Pleiades, have not been able to survive for a long time on Earth. The extraterrestrials of the Pleiades, instead, decided to “alter the genetic makeup” of human ancestors, so that they became more intelligent. Evidence of this alteration is in the fusion of chromosome-2 which occurred about 780,000 years ago. This whole theory was written in the book Hybrid Humans, written by researcher Daniella Fenton. Chromosome-2 is found in all big-brained humans, including Neanderthals and Denisovans, but not in other primate species. 

Fenton wrote: “The three species have become advanced human beings with ever more complex art, culture and technology. The fusions are found in an active gene that is expressed in the structure of the brain, immunity and reproductive functions – important systems for transitioning to a new human species. Instead of a small number of humans with fusion and a large group that did not, there was a rapid total replacement of all humans on Earth with 46 instead of 48 chromosomes. This tells us it has benefited enormously from becoming so dominant. About 800,000 years ago, the size of the human brain underwent a rapid and sudden increase in size and complexity, which has long been a mystery to archaeologists. This was not the only change at that time; there were two extraordinary changes and there was the sudden appearance of miR-941, which played a crucial role in the development of the human brain. “

The gene is very active in controlling decision making and language training and suddenly appeared, formed from junk DNA. What researcher Fenton claims to be the “alien signature” are the dramatic changes in the neocortex gene called ARHGAP11B – associated with vision and hearing in mammals. The official explanation of chromosome-2, the second largest in humans, does not involve aliens. Australian researcher JW IJdo concluded that chromosome-2 “marks the point where two ancestral monkey chromosomes merged to give rise to human chromosome-2.” However, the Australian author, who has studied equine genetics and is a certified shaman and spiritualist, says she has physical evidence to support the ancient alien theory. Her husband Bruce is also a writer who worked on research. They also published a book called Alcheringa, which promotes the theory that an alien spacecraft exploded in our atmosphere hundreds of thousands of years ago and the survivors, who could not survive without the mothership, designed Homo sapiens.

Ms Fenton says the loose wreck of the crashed ship explains the mysterious buttons of Australian tektite, unexplained dark glass objects believed to be ejected by meteorite impacts. He said geologists have dated the remains of a 1km-sized molten object to 780,000 years. Then Fenton wrote that: “According to a NASA study, the resulting liquid glass (containing about 80% fused quartz crystal silica) formed spheres in space that instantly froze and started falling into our atmosphere. . When they entered the atmosphere, they warmed up and melted to form unique gems before falling to Australia. These Australian tektite buttons are unique in the 4.5 billion year history of our planet and remain a total mystery to science because they fail to understand how they formed. The hybrid human theory also believes that alien astronauts arrived from the Pleiades star cluster, which is believed to contain several thousand stars and planets. 

This is one of the closest star clusters to Earth and is the most visible to the naked eye. It is believed that a planet may exist around the star HD 23514 due to the exceptional number of hot dust particles around it. Mrs Fenton points out that the Pleiades have been repeatedly mentioned by various cultures.
“All over the world, ancient cultures speak of ancestral beings of the Pleiades and the portals that connect these stars to this planet, including mythologies from Japan, Indonesia, Mexico, American Indians, ancient Egypt, Sumer and Aboriginal Australia. Incredible rock paintings of the Apache Indians, dating back thousands of years, appear to show aliens and UFOs. ” Wilfred Buck, a science professor at the Cree Nation of Opaskwayak in Manitoba, Canada, said the Pleiades are the connection between our planet and the cosmos. He said: We are part of the stars, we are people who come from the stars. When we’re done doing what we came here on Earth to do, we’ll go back to those stars. Another extremely controversial theory, by Dr. Ellis Silver, resurfaced online, also claiming that the human race originated on another planet.

Ancient alien race, he engineered humanity


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Ancient alien race, he engineered humanity

Ancient alien race, he engineered humanity