Ancestors, the ancient aliens, communicated with them? Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

 There is the physical evidence of the time they have spent on planet Earth? One answer may lie in the Nazca Desert in Peru, there at the top of an arid plateau that stretches for about 80 km, there is a painted landscape depicting geometric designs and strange figures.

Various controversial explanations, suggest that the lines could be used as irrigation canals, giant astronomical calendars or paths for religious worship. During World War II, American troops created air bases in the remote islands of the Pacific, for the natives who had no experience of advanced technology, the sight of these giant metal birds that landed, did they think that the Gods had transformed earth in a planetary pit stop.

But the giant hieroglyphs, are not the only mystery surrounding Nazca, the mountains overlooking the plain are extremely flat, as leveled by advanced technology, where else are the lines in the shape of the airport runway. Why “they” would be drawn from the arid deserts of Peru? Simple, in that place there are all the first type (gold materials, uranium) in huge quantities, so they landed there to study the composition of the entire planet. What is certain that the Nazca lines were created to be visible from above, because the ground would be illogical. 

But if visitors from other planets, were considered gods, there should be no annotations written about it? The resemblance that there is between the fanciful stories told, and the Holy Bible example, is only a matter of point of view, for example, I personally do not think that God needs a vehicle to get from point A to point B, but if we pay attention, most stories narrate Bible that were seen and heard smoke signals and chariots advancing. In the book of Ezekiel, for example, the prophet said that he has witnessed a visit of angels who came on board a fabulous flying machine.

Ancestors, the ancient aliens, communicated with them?


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Ancestors, the ancient aliens, communicated with them?

Ancestors, the ancient aliens, communicated with them?